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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Boardroom Furniture

boardroom table
A Blend of Modern and Traditional Designs
Your boardroom speaks volumes about your company and the image that you want to portray, so you need to make sure you get it right. It provides you with a space for your most important guests, and it's where most big decisions will be made: you need to create the right atmosphere. There is a huge variety of options available, which allows you to tailor make your boardroom to suit your every need. 

Traditionally, a business will go for a large and imposing conference table: they can send a message and create a strong image. This style is still very popular, with lots of beautiful real wood veneers and MFC designs available to really make a statement in your boardroom. This concept has been given a bit of a modern twist with the development of glass designs, and a shift in trends towards the light and open style that it creates. Depending on the image that you're trying to portray, we have a huge selection of boardroom tables that can suit your business and your meeting room.

reconfigurable tables
Reconfigurable Tables

re-configurable tables
Folding and Flip-top Tables
But what if you need to create a more flexible space? You have a boardroom, but you need to use the space for various types of meetings - such as presentations or training exercises. For this sort of flexible space, you need a flexible furniture setup, and that's where we come in! We have a selection of reconfigurable, flip-top and folding leg tables that can be configured to suit your needs. In our Northampton head office, we have six white flip-top tables that are linked to make one large table, until we need the space for product demonstrations or smaller meetings. We can separate the tables with ease and store them away until we need them. An excellent time and space saver, they're practical for any of your boardroom requirements!

Stacking chairs
Flexible Stacking Chairs

Although if you're going to be regularly reconfiguring your tables, you'll need flexible seating to suit. Our range of stacking chairs make it really easy for you to find a style that you'll love, with the flexibility to stack them away when not in use. This is a fantastic way of saving space and introducing the potential for extra seats at short notice. These setups often take some time to work out the kinks, but once you get your head around how your boardroom will function, you can have a very efficient and flexible space. 

We have our free design and planning service available to help you to plan out your boardroom space and make sure you're making the most of your conference area.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Personalising your Office!

At Verve Workspace we love the opportunity to personalise and customise office furniture. This gives you the opportunity to stamp your own personality on your office space, and style it as you like. That's the effect that we go for in our own Northampton head office: white desks, to create a light and open feel, and we then use small extras to create a vibrant and colourful feel.

Office furniture
Screens and chairs create a vibrant space
Making use of screen fabrics and seating upholstery is a great way of freshening up your space to your own style. We use these to bring our corporate colours (a vibrant green) into the office to brighten up our working environment. We're aware that these colours probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but you can integrate your own corporate colours into your office to create the atmosphere that best represents your business. Equally, you can use blinds, carpets, lights and wall hangings to create an office design that really gets your creative juices flowing.
Modular Furniture
breakout furniturePeople often seem to overlook the amount of time that's spent in their office. It's not just a functional place to work, but it needs to be comfortable, calming and sociable as well. If you can incorporate a style that inspires and refreshes your employees then you'll notice a remarkable upturn in productivity. It's been proven that happy workers are harder workers, so why wouldn't it be worth investing in developing the right office space to see longer term gains? This means looking beyond the desk: sociable breakout areas will give employees a space to relax during their lunch away from their working area. The opportunity for a change of scenery in a comfortable and sociable area will help to encourage maximum productivity during working hours, and make sure employees are happy in their work too.

cafe furniture
Combine cafĂ© furniture and soft seating 
A breakout area can be anything from a couple of sofas, right through to large configurations of soft modular seats to allow employees to relax as they see fit. You can choose from a huge range of seating, with a selection of fabrics and designs, to really make your breakout area suit the needs of your workers and the style of your business. Some of our ranges have the option of dual upholstery (often at no extra cost) to allow you to make your space as unique to your business as you like!

If you have any specific needs for creating a personalised and unique office space then make sure you get in touch to see what we can do for your business - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the effect a new and unique office area will have on your whole business ethos!

Monday, 9 September 2013

White Furniture

A very popular style that we've touched on in recent articles is the modern MFC finish - white. An increasing desire amongst businesses to modernise their working environment has led to white MFC becoming more and more fashionable.

White boardroom table
White Boardroom Furniture

In general, white furniture creates a more light and open feeling workspace. It is also a finish that is easily combined with other colours, for example our office features white desks and walls with screens and some feature walls in bright green. Now this may not sound like everyone's cup of tea, but we find that it demonstrates the flexibility of white desks really nicely. This is the main advantage of the style - they are adaptable and can be easily blended in to any office environment.

Combination desk
Walnut and White Combination Desk
A nice variation of the white desks is the option on some ranges to change the base finish. Desks that feature an integral pedestal often have the option to change the finish colour to add variety to the style. One of our favourite colour combinations is walnut and white, which combines a modern and a traditional finish to create a really nice office setup.

Office furniture
Orange and White Office Configuration

office furniture
One hangup that a lot of customers ask us about is the durability of the finish - will the white MFC show scratches and marks more than other styles? The simple answer is this: no! All of our desks are finished to a commercial grade, so white desks are just as resilient and hard wearing as any other traditional finish. The majority of our ranges that are available in a white MFC are also available in a selection of other finishes, so they are flexible to suit your every need.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More Than Just Office Furniture...

office fit out
I'm sure you're aware of our credentials when it comes to supplying top of the range office furniture, but I bet you didn't know what else we can do for you? If you're moving into a new office, or need to completely re-vamp your current one, Verve Workspace can do a lot more than just supply and install your furniture. We offer a full fit out service, and supply everything from partitioning and carpets right through to cycle and smoking shelters.

You can create more private spaces or individual offices within your building by putting in partitioning - the perfect solution to noise or privacy problems, it's an excellent way of introducing walls into your office. Using partitioning is a relatively cheap and flexible way of breaking your office up into smaller and more manageable spaces.

Office Furniture

A lot of people often underestimate how much time and money can go into certain aspects of an office fit-out. Things such as the carpets, ceilings and blinds etc. are often delegated to various different companies, which leads to more points of contact and, more often than not, higher prices. But wouldn't it be so much easier if you could leave all of these to one company? We can provide you with almost anything you need for your office fit out - fully project managed and with just one point of contact. Whilst we don't claim to be experts on everything you'll ever put in your office, we are experts on office logistics. Our sales team have a wealth of experience in office fit-outs which, when coupled with our knowledge of office furniture and fittings, can help you to really get the most out of your office. And, to top it all off, if you let us handle everything for you we can offer you excellent discount opportunities.

Office furniture
No Office Is Too Big!

We can guarantee that your entire project will run far smoother if you have only one point of contact supplying everything you need. It will reduce your workload, and make sure that everything runs in line with everything else. Whilst we are happy to project manage everything for you, we also understand that you will want to keep an eye on how things are going, so we are at your beck and call to make sure that everything runs exactly as you would expect. If you have any doubts then please feel free to give us a call, and we can discuss how we can help you create an office space you'll love!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Open Plan Offices

open plan officeAs business practices develop and progress, the requirements of the office and the use of space will develop and progress accordingly. The popularity of open plan office spaces have increased dramatically in recent years as companies look to new methods of improving productivity. The importance of maintaining a happy workforce has been described as the driving force behind the development of open plan offices, with the social element of the workplace becoming the focal point of the new layouts.

It's thought that open plan offices were initially developed to allow managers to keep a closer eye on their employees, but as practices changed over time and more workers gained increased autonomy this became less of a priority. Instead the focus was shifted onto creating open and sociable working groups. Clusters of desks became a popular site, with teams of up to six or eight people working together and embracing the social side of the workplace. The office is now a fine balancing act: encourage the sociability of a relaxed team atmosphere, whilst maintaining a productive and efficient workforce.
office space

One effective method for maintaining this balance is the use of desk mounted screens. By dividing clusters of workers and creating obviously individual workstations within a team environment, clear boundaries can be set. This encourages workers to be separate and to work individually, but in maintaining proximity to other workers they still have the social element of their team atmosphere. This also helps to encourage positive relationships around the office - as friendships can develop and make everyone's work life more enjoyable and thus boost productivity. Equally however, people can of course just as easily not get along. Working in close proximity with the same people can lead to disagreements or feuds, so it's also important to manage the nature of these relationships to prevent them from becoming counter productive. Again, the open plan office is a balancing act - which it's very important to get right!

Your needs for an open plan office will generally depend on the nature of your business: your need for privacy, how relaxed the environment is and how well you want to be able to watch over your employees (not that you'd ever admit to it!). Whatever structure and ethos you want to create around your office, we can help you to achieve it. All you have to do is let us know what you're trying to achieve and let us do the rest! We have a free space planning and CAD service that can help you create the office of your dreams - whether that means it's open plan or not!


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Case Study: Upmarket Estate Agency

space planning
Designs were malleable as the project developed
In late 2012 Pataross Projects, a London based interior design company, got in touch with us about an exciting project they were working on for an estate agency in Brighton. They wanted to create a really contemporary and upmarket space, taking advantage of modern designs and finishes to bring an upmarket and stylish feel to the office.

With a strong corporate image already in place, we wanted to continue the modern theme  with contemporary white desks and matching storage. These were used so as to not overpower the estate agents' corporate colour (blue), which was already planned to be used sparingly yet effectively around the office. White finishes are ideal for creating a light and open finish, and this is exactly the effect that was hoping to be achieved. 

Partitioning was removed to open up the space, and glass walls were added to encourage light to pass through the office. This reflected really nicely with the bright furniture, and the effect was a welcoming and cheery office. 

designer reception
We supplied clusters of white MFC bench desks for the main workspace. These were compact to make maximum use of space, but the worktops themselves were left open for flexible use. Without screens, the bench system was a lot more accommodating for a range of uses, and this also helped to make the office feel more spacious. One key element of the desks was the sliding top, which offers a space to hide cables and wires away. This is an essential part in maintaining a modern and spacious feeling office space.

The boardroom table, which was to the back of the office through the glass panels, was designed to contrast the work desks but to tie in with the other fittings and furnishings around the office. A natural walnut table, with a clean cut panel base, really finished off the office space nicely: it created a more formal space for the client, but maintained the contemporary and welcoming feel that they wanted to achieve. 

Pataross came to us with a really clear idea of what they wanted to achieve for their client, and they already had plans in place about how they wanted to achieve this. Whilst we love helping our customers to achieve the design goals they've already set themselves, we also have our own space planning and design services to take you from the first step through to the last. So whether you want us to help you carry out your plans, or to help you formulate them in the first place, we'd love to give you a hand!

upmarket estate agents
The overall effect was a light, open and welcoming office space

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What Does Your Reception Say About You?

A light and open reception area
Once upon a time, a reception was thought of as an over sized desk for an overworked administrator - but this is an attitude that seems to have been left well behind. Your reception is now seen as the first port of call for any guest to your business, and it's an important opportunity to make a first impression.

Visitors to your business need to feel welcome and comfortable in your reception, and whilst we know nothing will beat a friendly personal greeting - a welcoming space will go a long way. It goes without saying that the more welcome somebody is made to feel, the more likely they are to want to return - and this applies perfectly to your reception area.  
A basic greeting point

Your greeting space is also the perfect opportunity to illustrate your businesses' personality. You're likely to have a large variety of things in there, so the scope for customisation is huge. You can choose the finish and style of the reception desk and coffee tables, the fabrics, colours and designs of the seating and much more, so you need to make sure that these reflect your company ethos and portray the right messages. With so much to choose from, you can click on any of the images in this article to browse our site and the huge range of reception furniture on offer.

Click on any of the images to be directed to our site

Reception seating in any fabric
There are a huge range of shapes
and styles to choose from

It's amazing how much influence first impressions have over someone's long term attitudes towards a business, so never underestimate the importance of an open and welcoming reception!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Lesson in Education Furniture

Click on the images to visit our site
I'm sure we all remember sitting in school at those wobbly, marked tables with the chewing gum stuck to the bottom. And there's the chairs: unsteady, uncomfortable and with a couple of screws loose. Not exactly the best of your memories from your days in education, but that doesn't have be the case anymore. We have a huge selection of furniture that is ideal for any learning environment - from reconfigurable and shaped tables through to a selection of seating options. 

IT equipment with a difference!

The latest selection of computer desking is becoming one of our most popular ranges, with integral screens allowing the user to switch between computer and paper work. As well as being an excellent space saver, the Smart Desks offer extra security and protection for technical equipment. These are perfect for integrating flexible computer work into your students' learning process, without having to potentially jeopardise other key elements of their education. 

Stackable and reconfigurable tables
More basic tables are also very popular of course, with stacking options allowing you to store and re-position them with ease. A variety of shapes and sizes encourage the creation of interesting configurations in your classroom, to help with group projects or individual work. 

Bases and colours to suit everyone!
Seating is an important part of any learning environment - particularly in schools, where we all know how fidgety children can be at the best of times! If they have chairs that fit their needs, they are more likely to relax and be comfortable in their education. Our selection of classroom seating ranges from age 3 - adult, so we will have something to suit every classroom. The colour options on offer also provide you with flexibility to mould your classroom as you please - with a selection of bright and exuberant colours, or more dulcet and calming tones. 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Glass Designs

Veneer tables with glass tiles
One recent trend that we've noticed is the increasing popularity of glass office furniture - whether for a boardroom, an executive desk or a reception segment, the ranges of glass furniture currently available are some of the nicest we've seen. 

It's hard to say exactly what makes this style so popular, but we've got a few ideas as to why we love glass so much. Glass helps to make a room feel light and more open, so if you're a bit stuck for space or want to make your office feel more welcoming then the use of clear glass is ideal for you. Alternatively, coloured glass provides the shine associated with glass designs, without necessarily requiring as much cleaning effort! 
Click on the image to see glass boardroom tables

Click on the image to see a selection of glass desks
Another variation of glass designs that are proving very popular is when it's put to use sparingly. For example, glass cable management tiles in boardroom tables or glass shelves on reception units help to keep the prices down, but still offer the stylish image provided by glass designs. 

The nature of glass desks allows the base to be seen more prominently, which has led to a big advancement in the development of a great range of styles. Glass desk tops with veneer or MFC bases provide a range of grand and executive options, whilst the selection of chrome legs that are becoming increasingly popular are also a fantastic way of adding variety to your office.

Coloured glass tops are available
 There is a huge variety of glass options on offer to allow everyone the opportunity to make use of it in their office, no matter what their budget. The development of new production techniques means that more interesting and varied styles of glass furniture can be manufactured much cheaper than ever before, making the designs much more widely available. 

There is a very eclectic mix of glass designs available, so if you click on any of the pictures you will be taken to various parts of our site to browse the options and styles that are available. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Space Planning

We know how important it is to get the most out of your space - you need to make sure that you are working as productively as possible within all of your available room. With this in mind, Verve Workspace offers a space planning service that helps you to get the most out of what you have available. 

Click on the image to see the product
Click on the image to see the product
We can come out to see you and measure up for you, or you can send us some dimensions and we'll draw you up plans and designs to help you to visualise how your space will look. We have a really creative design team that can help you to organise your office to suit all of your needs. This is a very popular service, that we offer for free without any obligation. 

Click on the image to go to our site

Our extensive catalogue of images allows us to put together some very accurate CAD drawings, so you can see 3D renderings of exactly how your offices could look. We can play around with finishes, styles and designs to illustrate almost any configuration to suit your needs. 

Click on the image to see the products
Whether you have a simple square office and want to see how your ideas will look, or you have a more complex space that you want to make the most of - our team can help you out. We relish a challenge, so no matter what brief you give us, we'll always do our best to make your space work for you. 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Well, 2012 was particularly busy for the Verve Workspace office! We were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with some fantastic organisations last year, with some rather exciting and innovative projects including University of Oxford, London Women's Clinic and Norbert Dentressangle. These projects were accompanied by the introduction of two new staff members in the office - Tanya and Lewis joined Verve in April and September respectively, and have brought with them a lively and enthusiastic approach. 

The changes aren't just confined to our offices, however, and we have noticed a significant change in market patterns. There has been a considerable rise in the popularity of white finishes over the past 12 months - a trend that has developed as offices try to modernise and leave behind traditional finishes. Alternatively however, a lot of companies are also trying to find a balance between the two themes by using contrasting finishes. To keep up with this fashion, many of our existing ranges are now available in these styles, and they're all looking really nice. In particular, we've found walnut and white (see the 120 degree Pure desk above) to be one of the most popular combinations recently, and you can see why!

Another project we've been working hard on recently is our 2013 catalogue, which features fresh new products and styles, and great discount opportunities as well. The catalogue is with the printers as we speak, so if you'd like to request a copy then please drop us an email with your details on: Alternatively you can peruse the online version below:

Verve Workspace office furniture catalogue 2013 moving office fresh contemporary desks and chairs

A lot of work has gone into putting the catalogue together, so we really hope you enjoy having a flick through. Whether you're looking to modernise your office space, re-fit completely, or just be a bit nosy, who knows how you might be inspired!

Everyone at Verve is really excited about the progress made in 2012, and we hope we can work with you in 2013 and beyond to really get the best out of your office space!