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Monday, 6 October 2014

Eradicating Office Irritants

If you have a think about the most common complaints that you hear around your office, what are they centered around? Ignoring some of the more trivial issues that somebody might have with the 'pen tapper' sat opposite them, or the 'loud chewer' to their left, problems always seem to arise from very avoidable issues with office equipment and layouts. Whether you just NEVER have enough space for all that paperwork you need to process, you KEEP kicking that CPU underneath your desk or if your chair simply does NOTHING for that bad back of yours... we know there'll nearly always be a simple and cost effective solution available.

Sometimes all you have to do is take a step back and think outside the box. One of the most invaluable inputs can often be an outsider's perspective, and this should be taken advantage of whenever it's on offer. Every office, every building and every problem is unique, and it can be quite easy to be blinkered to what is actually a very simple solution for your office.

A4 Blue Spot Verve
Use storage, lighting or monitor arms to make your desks highly ergonomic

Verve Imperial Sirius
Large desks and ample storage help to reduce clutter

We often hear people say that these problems are too trivial or minor to need sorting as a matter of urgency, but we've seen how these issues can fester and build into something much more severe. Our clients come to us with problems - both small and large - that are facing their business. They're on the hunt for the simplest solution that will have the greatest positive effect on their company and the way it operates on a day to day level.

Sometimes all it takes is the simplest of solutions to solve a small problem and prevent it from growing into something more significant. Sometimes, however, you might need a more dramatic overhaul to really get to the heart of the problem. This will provide you with the perfect opportunity to develop the overall layout or to introduce a new style into your office space. One major benefit of fully refurnishing your space in one go is that you can create a consistent style that will last - with guarantees of up to ten years available, you know you can rely on our furniture for years to come. You can also create a custom office space, using various desk shapes and sizes to suit your exact requirements we can create a custom office space that overcomes any of your issues and works for you and your business. Our free space planning and design service is incredibly popular - we can fully plan your office space to make sure you see the full picture and can design exactly how your office will work!
Verve Workspace space planning
Our space planning service allows you to create the perfect office

Friday, 12 September 2014

The Best of British

At Verve, we're incredibly proud to use almost exclusively British manufacturers. We find this has lots of benefits for everybody involved - some of which are obvious, and others maybe not so much. 

A4 Bluespot Desks
A4 Bench Style Desks are Modern and Stylish
The main beneficiaries of British manufacturers are inevitably our customers as the end user. You can have more flexible products on shorter lead times, and the quality is almost always to a much higher standard than most overseas factories. This is reflected in the warranties which come with the furniture as standard. Our UK made furniture nearly always carries a five year guarantee, and if there ever are any problems - which are rare, but can happen with moving parts on drawers and chairs etc. - they can be fixed by a factory engineer very quickly. 

One element that end users don't always consider is continuity, and this is another fantastic benefit of buying British. Imported furniture can vary from batch to batch, so if you buy furniture even a couple of months apart then there can be slight variations between the ranges. With our made to order British ranges you can guarantee absolute continuity, even years after an initial order, which allows you to have a beautifully matching office even if you don't kit it all out in one go.

M3 Bluespot Cantilever Desks
M3 Desks Feature a Cable Managed Frame
Bluespot Reflective storage
Reflective Storage with Light Olive fronts
Bluespot Relection storage
Reflecfive Storage with Burgundy Fronts

We've recently started working alongside a manufacturer based in the north of England who match our passion for great furniture and great service. We've introduced a number of new ranges which we know you'll love, and there are also a whole host of benefits that we can also offer beyond the above advantages:
  • Comes with a TEN YEAR guarantee as standard
  • The most popular sizes are kept in stock for immediate despatch
  • A huge range of additional sizes are made to order in under two weeks
  • Stylish gloss finishes are available from the Reflective storage range.
C3 bluespot Desks
Square Panel Base Corner Desks
These new ranges all offer fantastic style and are great value for money - whether you're after one desk or a full office fit out. The variety of available shapes and sizes allows you to fit out your entire office with matching furniture, no matter what limitations your office or working practices might have. This gives you excellent consistency and continuity throughout your space, and doesn't have to break the bank either!

If you need any further details about our new ranges, or indeed any of our older ones, then please just give us a call on 01604 217879, or email us on!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Keeping the Office Running Smoothly...

Monitor Arm Verve
Screen Mounted Monitor Arm
We all know what an office needs to operate; the basics that are required to make it function. Desks, chairs, computers, storage, telephones etc. are all very much an established part of the modern office, but what else can we bring in to make it run more smoothly, effectively and stylishly than it otherwise would?

There are some very basic additions which are essential for running an effective office space and have been going unnoticed and unappreciated for years. We're talking about desk divider screens, and they certainly do a lot more than just stop mess from spilling onto neighbouring desks! Noisy call centre environments in particular are prime candidates for upholstered screens, they operate as fantastic sound barriers and absorb any excess noise.

Pure Office Furniture Verve
Pure Desks with a Range of Accessories

There are plenty of less obvious things that you can also bring into your office to help make things operate as smoothly as possible. One of our most popular products in recent years has been monitor arms. They raise the monitor away from the desk top, either via a screen attachment or a desk clamp, and create a lighter and more open desk space beneath. The development of monitor arms has come on leaps and bounds in recent years as flat screen monitors have become more widely used in offices. With office space at such a premium, desks are getting smaller as more workers have to be fitted into the available space, and any methods of optimising desk space become worth their weight in gold (fortunately monitor arms are very light, so this doesn't price them off the market!).

Ambus Boardroom Table Cable Managed Verve
Ambus Boardroom Table, with Lift Out Cable Access Tiles
Effective cable management is also essential for keeping both a tidy and an operational office space. It's very difficult to keep your desk ship-shape and operational if there are cables everywhere, so finding a place to hide them away is very important. This can be done through the cable ports, a sliding top, cable trays, cable managed legs, or a combination of a few of these. Sliding tops are particularly useful for allowing regular access to plugs, and are especially popular for hot desks or IT workers. Additional power modules can also be put in cable trays, under sliding tops or beneath cable access tiles to allow a range of power/data sources to be fed throughout the office neatly and easily.

The range of accessories that are available in the modern office to make sure that it runs smoothly is fascinating. The requirements of offices have developed at such a rapid rate in recent years that accessories have had to keep up, and in some cases even outstrip the technological advances.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sitting or Standing: the Great Debate

Gresham Height Adjustable
Gresham Crank Handle
It's become widely accepted in recent years that an office should be laid out a certain way. The basic structure generally consists of a desk, with a computer and phone of course, a little bit of personal storage and an operators chair. A new trend is developing however. Question marks are being raised about the long term future of the conventional office chair, and the standard heights of the desks that we use too. Whilst it'll never be suggested that seating should be entirely eradicated from our modern offices, the emphasis and the nature of this seating is shifting ever so slightly towards a healthier and more malleable office space.

iBench height adjustable
iBench Height Adjustable
Various health studies have found that cardiovascular and circulatory problems, and a vulnerability to diabetes, can develop over time if people are sat at their desk for too long. Whilst the quality and affordability of available seating has improved no end, this can never alleviate the risks entirely. Mobility around the office has been found to be very important for maintaining a good circulation, which in turn encourages a better attention span, creating an energetic, productive and healthy workplace. It's widely accepted however that standing desks aren't a practical permanent solution - which is the main drive behind the development of height adjustable desks.

Elite Height Adjustable
E-Lite Crank Handle
Height adjustable desks are being continually developed to be easier to use and cheaper to manufacture, which is making the concept of the standing height office a far more realistic one. There have been some fantastically designed height adjustable desks in recent years, but these are rarely cost effective enough to be practical for large scale offices. Likewise, there have been some very cheap ranges developed - but these are considered too impractical or time consuming to adjust, and are therefore not right for the wider office either. Once an effective compromise has been reached, we can see height adjustable desks being a mainstay in the majority of offices. After all, not all people are the same height - so why should all desks be at the same height?

Elite Height Adjustable
E-Lite Electric Adjustments
With the continuing development of the height adjustable desk, we're sure that the office of the (not too distant) future will be more flexible, healthier and more productive than ever before.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Office Storage: Getting it Right.

Creating a neat, tidy and organised office is essential for the smooth running of any business - and there are lots of factors which can determine how your office is run. Whilst the personnel running the office, and the systems that are in place are of course essential, it's also very important to consider the storage and filing that's available to them. An office needs to have the right amount of the right style of storage in order to run at maximum efficiency. Whatever you need, we'll have something available to suit!

Personal storage for each desk is important for encouraging every employee to keep their own desk neat and organised. Pedestal drawers, whether they're under the workstation or integral to the desk, help each worker to feel more at home whilst at work. They create a personal space, and somewhere to organise their paperwork and avoid cluttering the desk. Under desk pedestals can be mobile to allow greater flexibility in a malleable office, which are perfect for businesses which have a high staff turnover, large numbers of seasonal workers or hot desks. 

Two Door Cupboards
Standard cupboards are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They're particularly popular at desk height to create continuity throughout the office and a consistently practical worktop, but they're also available at full height, and plenty of sizes in between. A range of available internals and a wide choices of finishes make this basic style flexible to suit your space and your needs. 

Tambour Cupboards
Verve Cupboard
Tall Tambour Cupboard
If you're looking to introduce secure storage into a tight space, then tambour cupboards could be the perfect solution. The very nature of tambour doors means that they don't need a lot of space to open out. The full depth of the unit is used for storage, which allows you to maximise the use of a narrow area. Some people find that cupboard doors can get in the way if they're not closed properly, whereas tambour doors don't have any risk of that problem. 

Side Filers and filing cabinets are perfect for creating an organised and practical office space. Papers and brochures can be stored effectively and accessibly, with no risk of being lost or buried among piles of other things. Filers are where the users become just as important as the storage itself: we can provide you with the best filing storage imaginable, but unless everybody adheres to the system in place then they won't go very far!

With office space at a premium, made to measure and fitted storage is becoming ever more popular. You can make the most of every nook and cranny within your office by tailoring the storage to fit, and it's often far more cost effective than people expect. You can cherry pick the types of storage you need in your office too: whether you need pigeon holes, roll out filing, suspension frames, fixed shelves or anything else - we can design you a cupboard to suit. 

This is only a 'whistle stop guide' to the office storage that's on offer. Beyond the standard ranges, dedicated teams of specials designers are also on hand to put together fresh ideas to suit any unique needs that you might have. Ultimately, whilst we're always on hand to advise about what storage is most effective, you're the person that knows your business best, so please let us know about any specific requirements that you have.

Verve Storage Imperial
A Selection of Available Storage

Monday, 7 April 2014

Choosing the right desk

As with all of our ranges, we have a huge selection of desk options available for your office, so making sure you're looking for the right ones can be a bit of a minefield. Every office in every business will have different requirements, so it's essential that you're aware of the different types of desk available to be able to make an informed decision about what's best for you and your company.

Standalone Desk:
Brevis 120 degree desks
Brevis 120 Degree Desks
The 'basic' desk. This has been the focal point of offices for decades, and is sure to be around for decades to come. The frames and top shapes have evolved as trends and fashions change to create a really flexible style, but the basic desk remains much the same. These have the great advantage of allowing you to create a consistent style throughout your office, whilst deploying a range of different shapes to suit different employees. A configuration of rectangular shapes might be ideal for some, whilst others may need the additional space created by a corner or 120 degree desk - the possibilities are endless!

Pure Combination Desks
Pure Combination Wave Desks
Combination Desk
Some ranges give you the chance to add an integral pedestal to the design. This has some great benefits as both a space and money saver, although it does reduce the flexibility of the desks slightly. Built in storage reduces the number of components, which helps to keep costs down. Combination desks also ensure that each workstation is compact, without limiting the amount of desktop space that's available to the user.  

Bench Desk
Ambus Bench Desk
Ambus Bench Desks
Incredibly popular in large and small offices alike, bench desks are perfect for creating a consistent run of workstations. Shared legs mean that every bench that's added reduces the cost per user, and double sided benches (with optional divider screens) can bring the individual user costs down even further. Bench desks are also great for managing cables: sliding tops and cable trays are simple to add, and make a huge difference to the overall practicality of the style.

Executive Desk
Fulcrum Executive Desks
Traditionally Stunning: Fulcrum Executive Desks
Executive ranges are designed with a bit more style and panache in mind. Whilst the workstation still has to be practical, it needs to bring a certain level of style and authority to the office. Large returns, plentiful storage and meeting sections are commonplace with executive setups, because they often have very different requirements to standard desks. Executive desks are perfect for making a statement of intent about your business, so it's always important to get right!  

Fulcrum CE
Fulcrum CE Executive Glass Desks
Glass Desk
Perfect for home offices or an executive suite, glass desks are modern and bright. The nature of a glass top puts a lot of emphasis onto the style and quality of the frame - and there are some truly stunning designs available. A quality glass desk can last for years and, whilst they're not the most cost effective option, the beautiful and quality designs will really tempt you to go with your heart rather than your head...

So there you have it: a huge range of desks to consider. Not forgetting that within these different styles we have a range of designs, finishes and price points that can give you even more options to choose from. We've always got our dedicated sales team on hand to offer product advice and help narrow down your options, so all you have to do is give us a call and let us know what you need - we'd love to help!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Furniture Showrooms

Verve Furniture Showroom SvenWith all the wonders that the internet brings, it's easy to forget that it can have some drawbacks too! Buying your office furniture on the internet can save a lot of time and hassle, but it does mean that it's not always easy to see/try things before you buy them. Whilst we find that a lot of people quite like this approach, it can cause a bit of a stumbling block for others who want to get a proper feel for the furniture before buying.

We have a selection of showrooms that give you the opportunity to get 'hands on' with your options, to get a feel for the style and quality of the available ranges. Whilst we'll always give you honest and genuine feedback about the quality of the options that we have available (because it does fluctuate between various ranges), and the guarantees are also a useful indication, it always helps to see them for yourself to make your own judgement.

In our experience, the most
Verve Furniture Showroom Pledgeimportant furniture to sample before you buy is a chair. Whilst we can always advise you about what we think are the best options (and be right more often than not!), seating is a very personal thing for each user. In our sales office in Northampton we all have different operator chairs - and none of us agree about which is most comfortable! Generally, it's quite a safe bet to go for a chair with a range of adjustable options which will give you the flexibility to mould the chair to your needs - although if you do get the opportunity to have a sit on a few options then we would always recommend taking advantage of that.

We have a selection of manufacturer showrooms available across the country, or for a more broad experience you can visit our head office in Duston Village, Northampton. We have a selection of our most popular ranges of desks, seating, screens, modular tables, storage and receptions, which can give you a more broad overview of some of your options. All you have to do is g nive us a call to let us know when you're dropping in, and we can make sure that someone's available to help you, and that our desks are tidy too!

Whilst we appreciate that it's not always possible, we do recommend having a look around some sort of showroom if you get the chance. This way you'll have a better understanding of your options beyond the product pictures, and you'll be able to make the best judgement for your office.