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Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Lesson in Education Furniture

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I'm sure we all remember sitting in school at those wobbly, marked tables with the chewing gum stuck to the bottom. And there's the chairs: unsteady, uncomfortable and with a couple of screws loose. Not exactly the best of your memories from your days in education, but that doesn't have be the case anymore. We have a huge selection of furniture that is ideal for any learning environment - from reconfigurable and shaped tables through to a selection of seating options. 

IT equipment with a difference!

The latest selection of computer desking is becoming one of our most popular ranges, with integral screens allowing the user to switch between computer and paper work. As well as being an excellent space saver, the Smart Desks offer extra security and protection for technical equipment. These are perfect for integrating flexible computer work into your students' learning process, without having to potentially jeopardise other key elements of their education. 

Stackable and reconfigurable tables
More basic tables are also very popular of course, with stacking options allowing you to store and re-position them with ease. A variety of shapes and sizes encourage the creation of interesting configurations in your classroom, to help with group projects or individual work. 

Bases and colours to suit everyone!
Seating is an important part of any learning environment - particularly in schools, where we all know how fidgety children can be at the best of times! If they have chairs that fit their needs, they are more likely to relax and be comfortable in their education. Our selection of classroom seating ranges from age 3 - adult, so we will have something to suit every classroom. The colour options on offer also provide you with flexibility to mould your classroom as you please - with a selection of bright and exuberant colours, or more dulcet and calming tones. 

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