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Monday, 24 February 2014

Top Tips for Space Planning

Verve Office space plans

Space planning is an essential stage in the process of setting up of any office, and is crucial for maximising use of your office space. We offer a free space planning and design service to help you make the most of your office, but what are the things that you need to take into consideration to make sure you're making optimum use of this facility? Take a look at our top tips for space planning:

  1. Establish how many people you want to fit in your office, and make sure it's realistic! We can help you to maximise use of your space, but this doesn't always mean fitting more people in - you might be able to fit in ten people, but if you only need seven workstations then the rest of your space could be put to better use another way. Make your space work most efficiently for you!
  2. Leave room for people to manoeuvre! Whilst your office might physically be able to fit a certain amount of workstations in, remember that people need to be able to work and operate effectively. It's generally recommended that 1000mm is left as a minimum gangway size, but large offices might need to consider more than that to make sure that everyone is comfortable, safe and mobile in the office.
  3. Take everything into account when measuring. If you're sending us your measurements for plans then make sure nothing is missed. One of the most common problems we encounter is skirting boards - so don't forget to allow for every minor detail!
  4. Make sure everyone can access fire escapes easily, quickly and safely.
  5. Allow enough room to open cupboards and filers! Remember that you don't need to just consider the depth of the cupboard, but the additional depth of the open doors too.
  6. Be open minded! Many great ideas have to be tweaked as the space plan evolves, and it's really important to be accepting of these necessary amendments and to keep an eye on the bigger picture.
Verve Office Space PlanningNot to worry though - we're always on hand to help you through this process with drawings, advice and ideas if you need them, so get in touch with your thoughts and requirements and let us help you get the most out of your space and your budget. 

Friday, 7 February 2014

New Verve Website

At Verve Workspace we're always looking to make sure that we're constantly innovating and progressing to make sure that things are as easy and hassle-free for our customers as possible. Our latest step in this endless endeavour is to introduce a completely new website design for 2014.

Our new look homepage 
We worked really hard throughout 2013 to get customer feedback on our website and overall sales process, and one of the main comments we received was that an idea of pricing for different ranges on the site would be useful. We think it's important that we maintain the traditional Verve ethos of strong communication and a personable service, so we decided to introduce our new pricing guide. This gives an indication of the prices we can offer for each range, but still aims to encourage customers to talk to us to get the best deal to suit their needs.

Once we came to terms with what a lengthy process this was going to be, we thought it would be best to overhaul the website at large. This led us to the drawing board where we drew up a design that we think is eye-catching, stylish and easily negotiable - and everyone we've asked so far seems to agree! The new website went live midway through January 2014, and we're delighted with the response we've received already.

The fresh new style allows everybody to navigate the site more fluidly, and the new price guide has helped customers to get an immediate feel for the available ranges and how far they can make their budget work. Of course we don't want to pigeon hole customers with specific prices and restrict our ability to tailor quotations for each individual, so if you have any specific requirements or quantity needs then please just get in touch, and we'll be delighted to help!
Verve Workspace Pure Range
Our new product pages are designed with simplicity in mind

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Finishing Touches

Here at Verve Workspace, we pride ourselves on being able to offer everything you need to set up your office. From our initial fit out service (which includes partitioning, carpets, blinds, ceilings, decorating and more) through to the furniture that we're famous for, we already have a great range of products and services available to help you get your office up and running... but what about those finishing touches to personalise your office to your own specification?

Verve Workspace Office FurnitureWe've developed a number of different products and variations to help you complete your office exactly as you'd like it. These options vary from things as simple as choosing your own upholstery, right through to replica plants and coat hangers.

The simplest and cheapest way of creating your personalised office is to make full use of the extensive range of fabrics on offer. These can be used for screens and seating, and are a fantastic way to bring your corporate colours into your office. A very popular and practical style is to use dual upholstery on operator chairs - using a dark coloured fabric for the seat (which doesn't show marks or stains as easily) and a bright/vibrant fabric for the backrest because this doesn't take as much abuse as the seat pad. This is often available at no extra cost, and you can combine it with screen upholstery to make a really neat and well matched office space.

Verve Workspace Fake Plants

Another great way of making your office space feel open and welcoming is to introduce plants to the space. Now we know that nobody likes having to remember to water the plants, and then there's the potential mess created by soil spills and falling leaves which make plants in the workplace a minefield of problems. Or does it? We've recently introduced a great new range of replica plants, which look 100% real but with none of the hassle. They're available in a choice of sizes and styles, and will really set your office off beautifully.

Cable Management
Cable management helps to keep your office tidy
Verve Workspace Monitor Arm

We also have a great range of products that will make sure your office functions smoothly. From a range of adjustable monitor arms which help to clear desk space, through to toners and files, we've got just what you need to get your office going. We offer all of this alongside the support of our friendly, knowledgeable and 'non-pushy' sales team to make sure you get exactly what you need without any of the stress or drama that's sometimes associated with moving your office.