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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Personalising your Office!

At Verve Workspace we love the opportunity to personalise and customise office furniture. This gives you the opportunity to stamp your own personality on your office space, and style it as you like. That's the effect that we go for in our own Northampton head office: white desks, to create a light and open feel, and we then use small extras to create a vibrant and colourful feel.

Office furniture
Screens and chairs create a vibrant space
Making use of screen fabrics and seating upholstery is a great way of freshening up your space to your own style. We use these to bring our corporate colours (a vibrant green) into the office to brighten up our working environment. We're aware that these colours probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but you can integrate your own corporate colours into your office to create the atmosphere that best represents your business. Equally, you can use blinds, carpets, lights and wall hangings to create an office design that really gets your creative juices flowing.
Modular Furniture
breakout furniturePeople often seem to overlook the amount of time that's spent in their office. It's not just a functional place to work, but it needs to be comfortable, calming and sociable as well. If you can incorporate a style that inspires and refreshes your employees then you'll notice a remarkable upturn in productivity. It's been proven that happy workers are harder workers, so why wouldn't it be worth investing in developing the right office space to see longer term gains? This means looking beyond the desk: sociable breakout areas will give employees a space to relax during their lunch away from their working area. The opportunity for a change of scenery in a comfortable and sociable area will help to encourage maximum productivity during working hours, and make sure employees are happy in their work too.

cafe furniture
Combine cafĂ© furniture and soft seating 
A breakout area can be anything from a couple of sofas, right through to large configurations of soft modular seats to allow employees to relax as they see fit. You can choose from a huge range of seating, with a selection of fabrics and designs, to really make your breakout area suit the needs of your workers and the style of your business. Some of our ranges have the option of dual upholstery (often at no extra cost) to allow you to make your space as unique to your business as you like!

If you have any specific needs for creating a personalised and unique office space then make sure you get in touch to see what we can do for your business - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the effect a new and unique office area will have on your whole business ethos!

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