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Monday, 9 September 2013

White Furniture

A very popular style that we've touched on in recent articles is the modern MFC finish - white. An increasing desire amongst businesses to modernise their working environment has led to white MFC becoming more and more fashionable.

White boardroom table
White Boardroom Furniture

In general, white furniture creates a more light and open feeling workspace. It is also a finish that is easily combined with other colours, for example our office features white desks and walls with screens and some feature walls in bright green. Now this may not sound like everyone's cup of tea, but we find that it demonstrates the flexibility of white desks really nicely. This is the main advantage of the style - they are adaptable and can be easily blended in to any office environment.

Combination desk
Walnut and White Combination Desk
A nice variation of the white desks is the option on some ranges to change the base finish. Desks that feature an integral pedestal often have the option to change the finish colour to add variety to the style. One of our favourite colour combinations is walnut and white, which combines a modern and a traditional finish to create a really nice office setup.

Office furniture
Orange and White Office Configuration

office furniture
One hangup that a lot of customers ask us about is the durability of the finish - will the white MFC show scratches and marks more than other styles? The simple answer is this: no! All of our desks are finished to a commercial grade, so white desks are just as resilient and hard wearing as any other traditional finish. The majority of our ranges that are available in a white MFC are also available in a selection of other finishes, so they are flexible to suit your every need.

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