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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What Does Your Reception Say About You?

A light and open reception area
Once upon a time, a reception was thought of as an over sized desk for an overworked administrator - but this is an attitude that seems to have been left well behind. Your reception is now seen as the first port of call for any guest to your business, and it's an important opportunity to make a first impression.

Visitors to your business need to feel welcome and comfortable in your reception, and whilst we know nothing will beat a friendly personal greeting - a welcoming space will go a long way. It goes without saying that the more welcome somebody is made to feel, the more likely they are to want to return - and this applies perfectly to your reception area.  
A basic greeting point

Your greeting space is also the perfect opportunity to illustrate your businesses' personality. You're likely to have a large variety of things in there, so the scope for customisation is huge. You can choose the finish and style of the reception desk and coffee tables, the fabrics, colours and designs of the seating and much more, so you need to make sure that these reflect your company ethos and portray the right messages. With so much to choose from, you can click on any of the images in this article to browse our site and the huge range of reception furniture on offer.

Click on any of the images to be directed to our site

Reception seating in any fabric
There are a huge range of shapes
and styles to choose from

It's amazing how much influence first impressions have over someone's long term attitudes towards a business, so never underestimate the importance of an open and welcoming reception!

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