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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Case Study: Upmarket Estate Agency

space planning
Designs were malleable as the project developed
In late 2012 Pataross Projects, a London based interior design company, got in touch with us about an exciting project they were working on for an estate agency in Brighton. They wanted to create a really contemporary and upmarket space, taking advantage of modern designs and finishes to bring an upmarket and stylish feel to the office.

With a strong corporate image already in place, we wanted to continue the modern theme  with contemporary white desks and matching storage. These were used so as to not overpower the estate agents' corporate colour (blue), which was already planned to be used sparingly yet effectively around the office. White finishes are ideal for creating a light and open finish, and this is exactly the effect that was hoping to be achieved. 

Partitioning was removed to open up the space, and glass walls were added to encourage light to pass through the office. This reflected really nicely with the bright furniture, and the effect was a welcoming and cheery office. 

designer reception
We supplied clusters of white MFC bench desks for the main workspace. These were compact to make maximum use of space, but the worktops themselves were left open for flexible use. Without screens, the bench system was a lot more accommodating for a range of uses, and this also helped to make the office feel more spacious. One key element of the desks was the sliding top, which offers a space to hide cables and wires away. This is an essential part in maintaining a modern and spacious feeling office space.

The boardroom table, which was to the back of the office through the glass panels, was designed to contrast the work desks but to tie in with the other fittings and furnishings around the office. A natural walnut table, with a clean cut panel base, really finished off the office space nicely: it created a more formal space for the client, but maintained the contemporary and welcoming feel that they wanted to achieve. 

Pataross came to us with a really clear idea of what they wanted to achieve for their client, and they already had plans in place about how they wanted to achieve this. Whilst we love helping our customers to achieve the design goals they've already set themselves, we also have our own space planning and design services to take you from the first step through to the last. So whether you want us to help you carry out your plans, or to help you formulate them in the first place, we'd love to give you a hand!

upmarket estate agents
The overall effect was a light, open and welcoming office space

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