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Monday, 22 August 2011

How to make your office more welcoming!

Top Tips to Improve Your Office Space

We all know that we spend far too much time in the office trying to battle those mountains of paperwork, which doesn't help with our well-being. 

It is amazing how much your work environment can affect your mindset- for example, if your desk is cluttered full of paperwork you may feel exasperated at the work you need to do before you've even sat down!

Rather than dreading your next journey in to the office, here are some simple suggestions on how to make your office a more welcoming destination every morning!

Get Some Quality Lighting

Bad or unnatural lighting can be harmful to your eyes- it may be a good idea to swap the existing bulbs in your office for natural day light bulbs.  These bulbs give off more natural light, taking a lot of the strain off your eyes and they are also energy efficient!  Also, make the most of the natural light available within the office- this could save your office some pennies.

Reducing Noise

If your office is too noisy and you find it hard to concentrate, you might like to think about adding fabric desk dividing screens.  

These come in all shapes and sizes, from floor standing to desk mounted screens, and it is amazing how much sound the screens absorb.  These screens are also pinnable so that you have an extra surface to stick extra information and photos on to.

Heating and Air Conditioning

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting at your desk trying to do your work whilst you are freezing to death in the winter with your teeth chattering, or positively melting in the summer heat.  Even if you just add a little heater or a desk fan- make sure that you are providing an environment that is comfortable enough to work in, whilst also balancing the costs.

Battle the Computer Cables!

Loose cables remind me of tangle weeds!  They can make offices look particularly untidy if they are not kept at bay, but there are ways to keep things tidy!  There are many different types of cable management at different price points to suit your needs, including cable trays, trunking and spines.  Some desks also incorporate cable management within the legs, which can also be exceptionally helpful.  

Organise your Desk

It's a lot easier than you may think to organise your desk.  If you have a tool rail on your desk divider screen, you will be able to add various letter trays, which help you to keep your desk clear and your paperwork more organised.  

Under desk pedestals are also useful for storing your equipment- though beware, the more drawers you have, the more you will fill them!  It is also possible to add pen trays inside your pedestal drawer to keep your stationary organised.  

If you are looking to gain more desk space, you may consider mounting your computer monitor on to a monitor arm.  There are many different variations of monitor arms, including tool rail (screen) mounted, desk clamped and arms which are incorporated in to the cable ports.  

The monitor arms can be made height adjustable- this is particularly useful for desks with multiple users on various different shifts, as the monitor's position can be easily altered.

Be Quirky!

Add something interesting or out of the ordinary to your office- it helps to make your office a bit more creative, fun and it's a fantastic talking point for your customers or visitors.  For example, at our new Verve head office, we had an old red telephone box sunk in to the wall, acting as the entrance to our storage room!  The light within the telephone box still works, and gives the box a lovely glow from the outside!

The telephone box looks absolutely fantastic in the offices, and strikes up a conversation with all of our clients.  We made small, creative additions such as this in order to show people that offices don't have to be boring- it is so simple to add little quirky touches and the effect on staff and customer morale is brilliant!

Choose a Decent Chair!

This is one of the most important points- do not spend hours of your time in the office sat in a cheap office chair.  Even if you work from home, please do not try and sit in a normal chair for hours on end- these types of chair do not offer the correct type of support for your back and will repay you in discomfort, aches and pains.

Cheap office chairs may look like more expensive chairs, but the major quality difference is in the things that you cannot see, such as the foam used to cushion the chair.  They may be cheaper in the short term but cheap office chairs have far shorter product life cycles, meaning that you have to replace them much more regularly, whilst chairs of a higher quality carry much longer guarantees.

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a decent office chair either- there are many different types available at many different price points.  The difference with well designed office chairs is that they are shaped ergonomically to 'hug' and support your back, and they are fully adjustable.  

You may also add features to them, such as lumbar support, metal bases or seat sliding adjustments.  These chairs are much more comfortable and supportive to sit in, and they last much longer too, giving you peace of mind!

For more information about how to choose the right operator chair for you, please take a look at our article here.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

May we introduce the new Verve Workspace offices?!

The Unveiling of Verve Workspace's New Head Office!

Managing Director Steve Allan (left) welcoming 
Councillor Suresh Patel in to the Verve building.
On 21st July, friends and clients of Verve Workspace Ltd. gathered expectantly for the grand opening of our brand new custom built head office in Northampton.  The building, situated in a quiet Northampton village, was designed entirely by the Verve Workspace team and really exemplifies our flair for creativity.

 We wanted to show people that offices don't have to be boring- after all, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours in the office so we should make them welcoming and engaging!

The London Map flooring in
the kitchen.
The building itself has an interesting history- it was previously an old betting shop that had been forgotten and derelict for years. Stepping in to the existing building before all of the building work started was like walking in to an episode of Life on Mars- minus Gene Hunt!  

There were old photos of race horses, old stamps, betting slips and the tops of the walls were all stained yellow from the tobacco that had been smoked in there years beforehand!  Our new building has tripled the size of the existing building and it is amazing to see the transformation in to our new head office!

A view of our woolly friends in the reception!
The walls throughout the offices are white, with a few carefully selected walls painted in a lime green shade (the Verve corporate colour)- the green walls help to brighten up the rooms, giving them a fresh look, whilst the white walls balance the rooms so that the greens are not overpowering.  

The Boardroom
The offices have lots of windows, with a few skylights in the boardroom- this helps us to maximise the natural light available to us.  Our lights also have natural light bulbs which prevent us from straining our eyes, and contribute to the light and airy atmosphere within the offices.

White office furniture
looks modern and sleek.

The furniture is sleek and white, with screens and chairs in a matching green.  Our boardroom is filled with modular flip top tables which fix together, rather than a boardroom table- this allows us to change the table configuration quickly and easily within the room depending on numbers.

We attempted to convey our own creativity around the office with a number of quirky additions, including a full size resin sheep in the reception, 'thumbs up' coat hooks, a top hat light and London map vinyl flooring in the kitchen.  

My favourite addition to the office though, is an old fashioned red telephone box which has been sunk in to the wall of the main office!  Like Dr. Who's tardis, it is indeed "bigger on the inside!" as it leads through to our storage room!  These additions aren't much, but they certainly help us to add character to the office and enjoy the office atmosphere!

The head office will act as a design studio, where clients can see for themselves a small selection of the products we are able to offer, rather than just looking at pictures.  This gives our clients the chance to see and test products for themselves, without just taking our word for it.  They can sit on two chairs and feel the differences for themselves, making informed decisions about the products that are best suited to them.

Our Sales Director Steve Cooper (left), MD Steve Allan (centre)
and John Hagerty from the Glasgow office (right)

The opening of the offices also gave people a chance to meet our new Sales Director, who is based in our London office.  Steve Cooper (yes, another Steve!) joined the Verve Workspace team earlier this year after nearly 20 years in the industry.  He has already made a shining contribution to the company with his wealth of knowledge from interior refurbishment to furniture manufacturing.      

We would like to thank everyone who came to the launch for making it a wonderful afternoon, and also for the lovely comments about the new offices.  

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The key to a well-designed office

Things to think about when designing the layout of an office

Planning the layout of your offices can be an extremely daunting task; after all, you need to come up with a solution which will best maximise your businesses productivity as well as being a comfortable working environment for your staff.

Essentially, the key to a well designed office is that there is no 100% correct answer or a 'one size fits all' solution.  Every business is different and so is every building.  The most important element of a well designed office is that it does what it's supposed to do for your business.  Of course, there are basic parameters that must be met in terms of health and safety, and legal observance, but ultimately, an office should reflect company values, and look after its customers and staff.

There are so many things to think about, but to make it easier for you, we have compiled a brief overview of the different factors you should consider within your designs:-


Think carefully about the space you have available.  Are there any specific areas you need to accommodate, such as boardrooms or a canteen?  Make the most of what is immediately available to you- such as the natural light.

How many staff do you need to fit in to your offices?  Do your staff work individually or do they work better in groups?  You should decide whether you need to separate specific groups of staff; perhaps the managers will have their own offices away from the rest of the staff, or you might need to accommodate teams who deal with confidential information more privately.

Will there be high traffic areas with lots of staff coming and going?  Have you allowed enough corridor space for these areas?  Is there anything that you could do to reduce noise within these areas?


You should allow for a reasonable amount of storage space, depending on the needs of your business.  If your company deals with a lots of paperwork, you might want to consider using a mobile storage option, which will maximise the space available for storage, whilst also using a very limited amount of room.

How much storage room does each member of staff require?  There are many different storage options available including pedestals, open radial storage units, side filers and  cupboards.


You should also think about the flexibility of your office's design; in today's economic climate, most companies like to future-proof their workspace plans so that they can expand effectively.  If your company grows in future, you should consider the furniture's continuity when choosing office furniture- if you need more furniture in five years, will your furniture range still exist, and will the finish match?


What kind of atmosphere would you like to maintain within your office?  More recently, we have seen many companies make a conscious effort to keep office layouts informal, promoting a more social and communicative approach to work with break out areas.  It is thought that furniture which encourages communication in the desired direction enhances the effectiveness of the company.

A key example of this approach can be found within Google's offices.  Opposite, you will see an example of how the company have balanced formal working areas with more comfortable, informal working areas, so that workers can choose how they would wish to work most effectively.  Google also incorporate 'think pods' within their offices, which encourage meetings to be held privately, but in a more relaxed atmosphere, without the hospitality costs.


Recent technological advances have been one of the key factors in driving office furniture design forward.  Furniture is becoming fully integrated with technology whilst mobile working becomes more common.  At one point, corner workstations were used regularly because it accommodated the huge computer monitors without compromising the space that you lost.  Nowadays, flat screen monitors are the norm and they can be fixed to desks/screens through the use of monitor arms- a really useful space saver and they are usually adjustable too.

If you have any queries, or would like more advice about your office, we would be happy to help you.  We do offer a free space planning service and CAD plans as well.  Contact us on: 08450 69 79 89 or email us at:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Office Chair Racing?!

On Your Chairs, Get Set, GO!

A group of 64 men put their office chairs to the ultimate test on Saturday, as they took part in the 3rd annual German Championship office chair race in Bad Konig, Hesse!  Some entrants for the race had travelled all the way from places like Luxembourg, Cologne and Stuttgart to take part in the fun!  

All armed with helmets, elbow protectors and knee pads, the men went head to head in the 200m chair race- some racers even reached speeds of 22mph!  

The office chairs were allowed to be modified, but with the strictest rules- the men were allowed to fit inline skate wheels and handles to their chairs but no motorised aids are allowed.  The chairs were allowed to be propelled along the way with feet or hands, but motorised chairs were forbidden.

The victor was Pierre Feller from Luxembourg, who completed the run in an amazing 26.95 seconds.  The competition organiser Rene Karg commented, 'his lying-down technique was amazing!'  Heiko Winter also won a prize for best designed chair!  His chair had been decked out with a horse's head and a saddle, and Heiko topped off the look bedecked in a cowboy costume!  It certainly looks like the entrants had a lot of fun!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Looking for a stylish reception unit?

Meet Receptiv Refreshed!

Our Receptiv reception range is one of our most popular products amongst our clients because it is such a cost-effective reception system which offers great flexibility to businesses.  The beauty of this range is that it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is; it is composed of MFC sections which can be complimented nicely with glass counters.  

These modular units allow us to design you a reception to suit any shaped area, whether you want simple base units, or would like to add shelves or top units.  The range is available at virtually any budget you need, and we can design the layouts to suit almost any reception space- whether you'd like curves or straight units.  We are also able to offer modular units which are DDA compliant, in order to aid companies in making facilities suitable for disabled people.

We've now breathed some extra life and style in to this wonderful range, with brand new MFC finishes to choose from.  After much interest, we can now offer a stylish black melamine finish, which can be complimented nicely with modesty panels in a zesty orange or lime green finish.  These modesty panels also give a wonderfully fresh and clean look to the reception units if they are mixed with a white MFC finish- the possibilities are endless!

If you would like more information about our Receptiv range, please go to our website, or contact us on: 08450 69 79 89.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Stuck for Space?

We all know how quickly paperwork and files build up until you suddenly can't see your desk anymore...The question is how can we tackle this?  Well, we have an answer!  

Mobile storage solutions can save a huge amount of space within your building, whether you need to store files in your office, stock in the warehouse or skeletons in the cupboard- the capacity of these things is amazing!  You don’t have to be a professional wrestler to move them either!  With the clever technology, you can move tons of paper (literally) with just one finger!  

The storage options can be any size and for any use, but how does it all work?

Side to Side Storage

The side-to-side storage option consists of four fixed shelving units at the back of the system, with two groups of three shelving units placed in front- these front shelving units are placed on special runners so that you can just slide the units along in order to gain access to the shelves that you desire. 

Side-to-side storage maximises narrow, alcove and wall space, providing you with the maximum storage space with minimum movement required.  We recommend that the slide away storage is composed of units up to three bays deep for total storage efficiency; the storage units are demountable and relocatable.  

This option is light, quick, easy to use and certainly makes the paperwork look a lot tidier!

Mobile Storage

These storage options are particularly popular within libraries.  They comprise of several shelving units which are set on runners.  

Each unit has a handle, which enables you to steer along the units in order to find a specific shelf.  The handles also incorporate a locking system which enables you to lock the units in place whilst you are using a particular unit- it also prevents others from trying to move the shelves whilst you are using them!

In most circumstances, mobile shelving will increase capacity by up to 80% or reduce floor space by 30%, to provide an excellent capital spend. 

Shelving Accessories

There is such a wide array of shelving accessories to help to organise your storage systems.  This includes:-

  • Pull out drawers
  • Pull out filing frames
  • Pull out reference shelves
  • Clip-over shelf dividers
  • Lateral filing rails
  • Decorative end panels
  • Combination shelves
  • Tambour doors
  • Double steel doors
  • Re-enforced shelving
  • Computer media shelves
There really is so much choice for all kinds of businesses!  For more information about mobile storage, please contact us on: 08450 69 79 89 or visit our website.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

They don't make furniture like they used to...or do they?

With the advances of computer aided manufacture and mass production, it has become very easy for manufacturers to focus upon the rapid production of products whilst forgetting to focus on quality- you will often find people berating the state of consumerism, comparing it to the more idyllic days where production was a lot more hands on.  It becomes increasingly difficult to find more unique products which are of a high quality.  

At Verve Workspace, we really care about the quality of our products, and offer ranges of reproduction furniture that is manufactured to the highest quality.  In the above photo, for example, you will see a beautiful chest which is currently being carved in one of our factories, ready for a castle in Scotland.  

The chest has been carved completely by hand (or chisel, and has taken two months to complete so far- that's dedication!  If you look closely, the detail and craftsmanship of the chest is absolutely phenomenal- and it has involved no machinery to cut corners, which is rare in this day and age.  

We offer a wide variety of reproduction furniture covering many different eras- from William and Mary solid oak pieces to Edwardian styles of the 1900s.  We take great care with the proportions of these pieces as well as the amalgamation of traditional construction methods with modern techniques and materials.  

However, we can also make subtle functional changes to many pieces, so that they are able to accommodate modern technology.  This desk, for example, is designed to accommodate computer equipment effectively, without compromising the aesthetics of this classic style.

There are so many options available from writing tables to armchairs and Chesterfield sofas, and it is also often possible to change dimensions to create furniture options that are more bespoke for your company.  

If you have any queries about reproduction furniture, or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us on: 08450 69 79 89, and we'll be happy to help you.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Brits Baffled by Modern Life?

A recent survey has found that millions of Britons are confused by modern life!  Among the most popular causes for confusion were financial jargon, sports rules and interpreting the instructions on flat-pack furniture.

So, What Gets Britons Confuddled?
  1. Cricket Rules- 40%
  2. Financial Terms and Conditions- 36%
  3. Credit Card Interest Rates- 35%
  4. Football Offside Rule- 33%
  5. Working out Petrol Prices in Gallons- 29%
  6. Flat-Pack Furniture Instructions- 25%
  7. Computer Software- 23%
  8. Train Ticket Prices- 20%
  9. Product Warranties- 15%
  10. Airport Check-In Regulations- 13%
If you're one of these people who finds themselves pulling their hair out at the prospect of putting together your own furniture, why not have a look for companies who can offer you furniture installations?  Whether you're buying home or office furniture, it is often more cost-effective and less time consuming to have a team install your furniture for you- and it certainly beats you struggling on your own!  

At Verve Workspace, we have an extremely dedicated and helpful installations team, who specialise in office furniture installations.  We always arrange installations around our customers' schedules so that the job can be done with minimum amounts of hassle for the client. 

"The service and quality of Verve's products is awesome!... Despite my fears of having to close the clinic whilst the desk was fitted, the guys started early in the morning and the whole installation was seamlessly completed in just over one hour. They didn't complain about carting our old desk down a flight of stairs afterwards. It was such great customer service- I haven't had this level of service from any other company I've dealt with."- Director, Weight Medics 

The team are always on hand to help our customers, and they're never afraid to get their hands dirty- they always clear away the mess of packaging that follows an installation- we even caught one member of our exceptional team hoovering up afterwards!  If needed, we can also arrange for the team to remove and dispose of your existing furniture for you.  

Whatever your specification, we can find the best options to suit you.  For more information about our services available, please visit our website or call us on: 08450 69 79 89.

"We have used Verve on many occasions and each time they have provided a good quality service from start to finish.  They provide good quality furniture and give valuable advice on planning.  All of the team at Verve were both professional and courteous and we were very pleased with the results- our offices now look and feel more like they should, and this was done with minimal disruption."- Business Continuity

Monday, 21 February 2011

Having Trouble Choosing Boardroom and Meeting Tables?

At Verve Workspace, we are often called upon for advice from clients who are struggling to choose a suitable boardroom or meeting room table for their company.  At first, it might not sound too difficult to choose a suitable table, but there are thousands of different options that you could go for, and sometimes, the more choice you have, the more difficult the decisions become! So, where should you start?

Well, first of all, you should think about how many people you would generally need to fit around the table- this will give you a rough guide line on sizing.  Do you have a particular shape of table in mind?  Please be aware that different factories have different names for table shapes, so what most people may refer to as a 'barrel' shaped table may be a completely different shape to a factory- it is always best to clarify any ideas that you may have- even if you just do a very rough sketch to show what you mean.

An Elliptical Boardroom Table in a melamine finish, with
two glass inserts and cable management inserts.
Now, there are so many different materials that you can choose from for your table.  If you want a simple, cost-effective table, you could go for a table in a melamine finish.  Melamine finishes offer a lot of choice; they are carefully matched so that they look fantastic, and it is easy to acquire other furniture pieces in exactly the same finish so that everything matches.  

A barrel shaped veneer boardroom
table with  special veneer inlays.
If you are looking for a wooden finish, but want something more expensive, you could have a look at some real wood veneer boardroom tables.  With veneers, you can have a plain finish, but you could also add some special veneer detailing to make your table less generic.  

You could opt for a border around the table top in a contrasting veneer, or you could add special veneer inlays to the table top.  There are many standard shaped inlays, including the diamonds you see within the table top to the left, but you could also go for something more bespoke.  

Boardroom table with veneer inlay.
Of course, the pricing will change depending on these different options, so ask your furniture supplier to give you a range of different options along with pricing to see where you are, and which options suit you best.

You should also consider whether you will need to accommodate cable management within the 
the table.  Will staff be using laptops during the meetings?  

An example of flip top socket housing.
If so, then it might be important to incorporate power sockets and cable management options in to the table itself.  There are innumerable options available, including cable inserts, flip top socket housing, shuttle modules and cable splines.  These options are designed to offer cable and power management solutions which are subtle.  

If many external visitors will be using your meeting room, you might want to stun them with a beautiful glass boardroom table.  Now, it is rare to find glass boardroom tables which are manufactured solely in the UK- they more often come from countries like Italy, which means that they generally have longer lead times.  However, these glass tables are certainly worth the wait!
An etched glass boardroom table with silver legs.
You can opt for either a clear glass table top, or have other effects such as crackled or etched glass- these effects make people's legs much less visible when seated at the table, though choices like this can affect price.  Even things like the leg options on a table can have a big effect on price, so ask your furniture supplier to go through the types of leg options, and have a look at how things like that change the price.  

Good glass boardroom tables will be manufactured with high grade glass and will have specially engineered frames that are extremely strong.  These tables really are the 'creme de la creme' of the boardroom, and can suit almost any setting!  

Now that we've dealt with tables, you might want to look at other furniture for your boardroom- credenza storage units are particularly popular because you can easily incorporate mini bar fridges in to them.  Most boardroom table ranges will also offer complimenting furniture which will match your meeting table perfectly both in terms of style and finish.  We also have a fantastic variety of meeting room chairs on our website, at many different price points to suit your every need.  

If you have any questions, or would like some advice on boardroom furniture, please don't hesitate to contact us on: 08450 69 79 89 and we'll be happy to help you.

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Wasted Triangle!

The Wasted Triangle!
How to maximise the space of your office desk.

Let me take you back to a simpler time, where we meet an old friend- the old desktop PC.  Now, when these PCs roamed the country's offices, office furniture such as corner desks were specially designed to accommodate the enormous monitor screens, whilst also leaving enough room to work comfortably from, with extra room for the keyboard and mouse.

But what happened when the flat screen computers invaded?  Good question.  Nowadays, offices still use the old corner desk clusters, though the new flat screen monitors leave a large of unused space behind the monitor.  We call this unused space the wasted triangle!  It is not just the corner desk clusters either- the next time you head in to the office, have a look around for desk space that is being wasted.  It is a lot more common than you would expect.

Beware, the red triangles of waste!
How can you maximise your desk space?

Monitor arms and mounts are now available, so that your monitor can be attached to the screen or even to the desk on a pole.  The mounts can also be clamped to the desk, or can be set through the desk- they incorporate cable management which makes everything look a lot tidier.  
This saves an incredible amount of desk space, and the monitor arms also make it a lot easier to adjust the screen as and when needed.  Most monitor arms also allow you to adjust the height of the monitor screen, so that it can be used and modified comfortably by everyone.

If you have a battle with endless stacks of paperwork on your desk, you might be interested in the letter trays we offer.  Letter trays can be easily attached to screens, and they help you to organise and store your paperwork out of the way, so that you have room on your desk to complete the paperwork!  

Other trays are also available, including CD trays and accessory trays to keep your pens in.  You can also get pen trays that can be placed in the top drawer of your pedestal, to save you extra space at your workstation.

If you would like some advice about ways in which to maximise your office's desk space, give us a ring on: 08450 69 79 89 and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to create a good reception for your business!

Verve is the Word!
Reception Desks, Counters, Systems and Seating Galore!

The company reception is one of the most important elements for a business- particularly for those businesses who deal with customers on a frequent basis.  The reception area will normally be the first thing that your customers or clients see when they enter your company's premises and their first impressions of your company will be shaped by the reception area.  

Your business will have its own style and presence, and the reception area is a perfect setting in which to encompass it.  When deciding how to decorate and furnish your reception, think carefully about your business and how you would like to present it to your customers.  The simplest designs are usually the most effective, so it is usually best to choose simple colours and styles which will give the room a clean, innovative atmosphere that welcomes the customers, rather than overly busy designs which can be distracting.

For example, a doctors or dental surgery might want to create a relaxing setting for their patients, through the use of calm colours and soft seating- this will help to put the patients at ease and will make the experience of going to the doctors or dentists much less disconcerting.  

 We can offer a wide range of reception units- the most popular being modular reception counters, because there are so many different choices of shape, sizes and finishes whilst still being extremely cost effective.

Whether you need a small island reception counter, or a large enclosed unit that incorporates storage devices, we can offer something for everyone.  We have around 13 different melamine finishes to choose from which look absolutely fantastic!  

If you are looking for the ideal seating options for your reception, why not take a look at our reception seating ranges?  There are so many different styles and types of seating available, including bench seating, sofas, chairs and stools.  Think carefully about whether your clients would be comfortable sitting next to each other on a sofa or whether it would be more suitable to have individual chairs.  

If you have any queries, or would like some advice or ideas for your own reception, please don't hesitate to contact us on: 08450 69 79 89 and we'll be happy to help you.  

Friday, 4 February 2011

The Importance of a Good Back Support or Ergonomic Office Chair...

If you are sitting uncomfortably, I shall begin...

Here is a useful video about the importance of a good back support chair and how it can help you when you are working.  For more information about how to choose a good back support chair, why not have a look at my previous article, 'What should you consider when choosing a new chair?'?  

It should give you a good idea of things to consider when choosing a decent chair that will suit its purpose brilliantly.  Enjoy!

Friday, 28 January 2011

A new addition to our office furniture and desks range!

May I present...
                                    the X2 Desking Range!

At present, we are very busy preparing our new furniture catalogue for 2011, but to give you a little peek, I thought I'd present one of our newest ranges of system desking!  The X2 range has been designed solely for its flexibility, as a system that can be used for anything from one desk to an entire workspace.  

The desks can be arranged and altered easily as and when is needed by your business, making the system practical.  The desks come in a range of different melamine or glass finishes, including wengĂ©, walnut or white glass.  

Our favourite finish is the white glass finish, because it adds an extremely sleek and contemporary style to the desk systems- though they all look fantastic!  The bases of the desks are slim and compliment the desk's modern style very well.

There are so many options available with this range.  You could have stand-alone desks, bench desking, and modular formations.  There are also matching under-desk pedestals and other storage solutions available, which compliment the desks, as well as stylish desk-dividing screens.

Why not go and see for yourself?  Take a look at the range and the various options it offers on our website.  You won't be disappointed!