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Monday, 28 February 2011

Brits Baffled by Modern Life?

A recent survey has found that millions of Britons are confused by modern life!  Among the most popular causes for confusion were financial jargon, sports rules and interpreting the instructions on flat-pack furniture.

So, What Gets Britons Confuddled?
  1. Cricket Rules- 40%
  2. Financial Terms and Conditions- 36%
  3. Credit Card Interest Rates- 35%
  4. Football Offside Rule- 33%
  5. Working out Petrol Prices in Gallons- 29%
  6. Flat-Pack Furniture Instructions- 25%
  7. Computer Software- 23%
  8. Train Ticket Prices- 20%
  9. Product Warranties- 15%
  10. Airport Check-In Regulations- 13%
If you're one of these people who finds themselves pulling their hair out at the prospect of putting together your own furniture, why not have a look for companies who can offer you furniture installations?  Whether you're buying home or office furniture, it is often more cost-effective and less time consuming to have a team install your furniture for you- and it certainly beats you struggling on your own!  

At Verve Workspace, we have an extremely dedicated and helpful installations team, who specialise in office furniture installations.  We always arrange installations around our customers' schedules so that the job can be done with minimum amounts of hassle for the client. 

"The service and quality of Verve's products is awesome!... Despite my fears of having to close the clinic whilst the desk was fitted, the guys started early in the morning and the whole installation was seamlessly completed in just over one hour. They didn't complain about carting our old desk down a flight of stairs afterwards. It was such great customer service- I haven't had this level of service from any other company I've dealt with."- Director, Weight Medics 

The team are always on hand to help our customers, and they're never afraid to get their hands dirty- they always clear away the mess of packaging that follows an installation- we even caught one member of our exceptional team hoovering up afterwards!  If needed, we can also arrange for the team to remove and dispose of your existing furniture for you.  

Whatever your specification, we can find the best options to suit you.  For more information about our services available, please visit our website or call us on: 08450 69 79 89.

"We have used Verve on many occasions and each time they have provided a good quality service from start to finish.  They provide good quality furniture and give valuable advice on planning.  All of the team at Verve were both professional and courteous and we were very pleased with the results- our offices now look and feel more like they should, and this was done with minimal disruption."- Business Continuity

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