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Friday, 18 February 2011

The Wasted Triangle!

The Wasted Triangle!
How to maximise the space of your office desk.

Let me take you back to a simpler time, where we meet an old friend- the old desktop PC.  Now, when these PCs roamed the country's offices, office furniture such as corner desks were specially designed to accommodate the enormous monitor screens, whilst also leaving enough room to work comfortably from, with extra room for the keyboard and mouse.

But what happened when the flat screen computers invaded?  Good question.  Nowadays, offices still use the old corner desk clusters, though the new flat screen monitors leave a large of unused space behind the monitor.  We call this unused space the wasted triangle!  It is not just the corner desk clusters either- the next time you head in to the office, have a look around for desk space that is being wasted.  It is a lot more common than you would expect.

Beware, the red triangles of waste!
How can you maximise your desk space?

Monitor arms and mounts are now available, so that your monitor can be attached to the screen or even to the desk on a pole.  The mounts can also be clamped to the desk, or can be set through the desk- they incorporate cable management which makes everything look a lot tidier.  
This saves an incredible amount of desk space, and the monitor arms also make it a lot easier to adjust the screen as and when needed.  Most monitor arms also allow you to adjust the height of the monitor screen, so that it can be used and modified comfortably by everyone.

If you have a battle with endless stacks of paperwork on your desk, you might be interested in the letter trays we offer.  Letter trays can be easily attached to screens, and they help you to organise and store your paperwork out of the way, so that you have room on your desk to complete the paperwork!  

Other trays are also available, including CD trays and accessory trays to keep your pens in.  You can also get pen trays that can be placed in the top drawer of your pedestal, to save you extra space at your workstation.

If you would like some advice about ways in which to maximise your office's desk space, give us a ring on: 08450 69 79 89 and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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