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Friday, 18 March 2011

Stuck for Space?

We all know how quickly paperwork and files build up until you suddenly can't see your desk anymore...The question is how can we tackle this?  Well, we have an answer!  

Mobile storage solutions can save a huge amount of space within your building, whether you need to store files in your office, stock in the warehouse or skeletons in the cupboard- the capacity of these things is amazing!  You don’t have to be a professional wrestler to move them either!  With the clever technology, you can move tons of paper (literally) with just one finger!  

The storage options can be any size and for any use, but how does it all work?

Side to Side Storage

The side-to-side storage option consists of four fixed shelving units at the back of the system, with two groups of three shelving units placed in front- these front shelving units are placed on special runners so that you can just slide the units along in order to gain access to the shelves that you desire. 

Side-to-side storage maximises narrow, alcove and wall space, providing you with the maximum storage space with minimum movement required.  We recommend that the slide away storage is composed of units up to three bays deep for total storage efficiency; the storage units are demountable and relocatable.  

This option is light, quick, easy to use and certainly makes the paperwork look a lot tidier!

Mobile Storage

These storage options are particularly popular within libraries.  They comprise of several shelving units which are set on runners.  

Each unit has a handle, which enables you to steer along the units in order to find a specific shelf.  The handles also incorporate a locking system which enables you to lock the units in place whilst you are using a particular unit- it also prevents others from trying to move the shelves whilst you are using them!

In most circumstances, mobile shelving will increase capacity by up to 80% or reduce floor space by 30%, to provide an excellent capital spend. 

Shelving Accessories

There is such a wide array of shelving accessories to help to organise your storage systems.  This includes:-

  • Pull out drawers
  • Pull out filing frames
  • Pull out reference shelves
  • Clip-over shelf dividers
  • Lateral filing rails
  • Decorative end panels
  • Combination shelves
  • Tambour doors
  • Double steel doors
  • Re-enforced shelving
  • Computer media shelves
There really is so much choice for all kinds of businesses!  For more information about mobile storage, please contact us on: 08450 69 79 89 or visit our website.

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