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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Office Chair Racing?!

On Your Chairs, Get Set, GO!

A group of 64 men put their office chairs to the ultimate test on Saturday, as they took part in the 3rd annual German Championship office chair race in Bad Konig, Hesse!  Some entrants for the race had travelled all the way from places like Luxembourg, Cologne and Stuttgart to take part in the fun!  

All armed with helmets, elbow protectors and knee pads, the men went head to head in the 200m chair race- some racers even reached speeds of 22mph!  

The office chairs were allowed to be modified, but with the strictest rules- the men were allowed to fit inline skate wheels and handles to their chairs but no motorised aids are allowed.  The chairs were allowed to be propelled along the way with feet or hands, but motorised chairs were forbidden.

The victor was Pierre Feller from Luxembourg, who completed the run in an amazing 26.95 seconds.  The competition organiser Rene Karg commented, 'his lying-down technique was amazing!'  Heiko Winter also won a prize for best designed chair!  His chair had been decked out with a horse's head and a saddle, and Heiko topped off the look bedecked in a cowboy costume!  It certainly looks like the entrants had a lot of fun!

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