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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sitting or Standing: the Great Debate

Gresham Height Adjustable
Gresham Crank Handle
It's become widely accepted in recent years that an office should be laid out a certain way. The basic structure generally consists of a desk, with a computer and phone of course, a little bit of personal storage and an operators chair. A new trend is developing however. Question marks are being raised about the long term future of the conventional office chair, and the standard heights of the desks that we use too. Whilst it'll never be suggested that seating should be entirely eradicated from our modern offices, the emphasis and the nature of this seating is shifting ever so slightly towards a healthier and more malleable office space.

iBench height adjustable
iBench Height Adjustable
Various health studies have found that cardiovascular and circulatory problems, and a vulnerability to diabetes, can develop over time if people are sat at their desk for too long. Whilst the quality and affordability of available seating has improved no end, this can never alleviate the risks entirely. Mobility around the office has been found to be very important for maintaining a good circulation, which in turn encourages a better attention span, creating an energetic, productive and healthy workplace. It's widely accepted however that standing desks aren't a practical permanent solution - which is the main drive behind the development of height adjustable desks.

Elite Height Adjustable
E-Lite Crank Handle
Height adjustable desks are being continually developed to be easier to use and cheaper to manufacture, which is making the concept of the standing height office a far more realistic one. There have been some fantastically designed height adjustable desks in recent years, but these are rarely cost effective enough to be practical for large scale offices. Likewise, there have been some very cheap ranges developed - but these are considered too impractical or time consuming to adjust, and are therefore not right for the wider office either. Once an effective compromise has been reached, we can see height adjustable desks being a mainstay in the majority of offices. After all, not all people are the same height - so why should all desks be at the same height?

Elite Height Adjustable
E-Lite Electric Adjustments
With the continuing development of the height adjustable desk, we're sure that the office of the (not too distant) future will be more flexible, healthier and more productive than ever before.

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