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Monday, 7 April 2014

Choosing the right desk

As with all of our ranges, we have a huge selection of desk options available for your office, so making sure you're looking for the right ones can be a bit of a minefield. Every office in every business will have different requirements, so it's essential that you're aware of the different types of desk available to be able to make an informed decision about what's best for you and your company.

Standalone Desk:
Brevis 120 degree desks
Brevis 120 Degree Desks
The 'basic' desk. This has been the focal point of offices for decades, and is sure to be around for decades to come. The frames and top shapes have evolved as trends and fashions change to create a really flexible style, but the basic desk remains much the same. These have the great advantage of allowing you to create a consistent style throughout your office, whilst deploying a range of different shapes to suit different employees. A configuration of rectangular shapes might be ideal for some, whilst others may need the additional space created by a corner or 120 degree desk - the possibilities are endless!

Pure Combination Desks
Pure Combination Wave Desks
Combination Desk
Some ranges give you the chance to add an integral pedestal to the design. This has some great benefits as both a space and money saver, although it does reduce the flexibility of the desks slightly. Built in storage reduces the number of components, which helps to keep costs down. Combination desks also ensure that each workstation is compact, without limiting the amount of desktop space that's available to the user.  

Bench Desk
Ambus Bench Desk
Ambus Bench Desks
Incredibly popular in large and small offices alike, bench desks are perfect for creating a consistent run of workstations. Shared legs mean that every bench that's added reduces the cost per user, and double sided benches (with optional divider screens) can bring the individual user costs down even further. Bench desks are also great for managing cables: sliding tops and cable trays are simple to add, and make a huge difference to the overall practicality of the style.

Executive Desk
Fulcrum Executive Desks
Traditionally Stunning: Fulcrum Executive Desks
Executive ranges are designed with a bit more style and panache in mind. Whilst the workstation still has to be practical, it needs to bring a certain level of style and authority to the office. Large returns, plentiful storage and meeting sections are commonplace with executive setups, because they often have very different requirements to standard desks. Executive desks are perfect for making a statement of intent about your business, so it's always important to get right!  

Fulcrum CE
Fulcrum CE Executive Glass Desks
Glass Desk
Perfect for home offices or an executive suite, glass desks are modern and bright. The nature of a glass top puts a lot of emphasis onto the style and quality of the frame - and there are some truly stunning designs available. A quality glass desk can last for years and, whilst they're not the most cost effective option, the beautiful and quality designs will really tempt you to go with your heart rather than your head...

So there you have it: a huge range of desks to consider. Not forgetting that within these different styles we have a range of designs, finishes and price points that can give you even more options to choose from. We've always got our dedicated sales team on hand to offer product advice and help narrow down your options, so all you have to do is give us a call and let us know what you need - we'd love to help!

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