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Monday, 14 April 2014

Office Storage: Getting it Right.

Creating a neat, tidy and organised office is essential for the smooth running of any business - and there are lots of factors which can determine how your office is run. Whilst the personnel running the office, and the systems that are in place are of course essential, it's also very important to consider the storage and filing that's available to them. An office needs to have the right amount of the right style of storage in order to run at maximum efficiency. Whatever you need, we'll have something available to suit!

Personal storage for each desk is important for encouraging every employee to keep their own desk neat and organised. Pedestal drawers, whether they're under the workstation or integral to the desk, help each worker to feel more at home whilst at work. They create a personal space, and somewhere to organise their paperwork and avoid cluttering the desk. Under desk pedestals can be mobile to allow greater flexibility in a malleable office, which are perfect for businesses which have a high staff turnover, large numbers of seasonal workers or hot desks. 

Two Door Cupboards
Standard cupboards are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They're particularly popular at desk height to create continuity throughout the office and a consistently practical worktop, but they're also available at full height, and plenty of sizes in between. A range of available internals and a wide choices of finishes make this basic style flexible to suit your space and your needs. 

Tambour Cupboards
Verve Cupboard
Tall Tambour Cupboard
If you're looking to introduce secure storage into a tight space, then tambour cupboards could be the perfect solution. The very nature of tambour doors means that they don't need a lot of space to open out. The full depth of the unit is used for storage, which allows you to maximise the use of a narrow area. Some people find that cupboard doors can get in the way if they're not closed properly, whereas tambour doors don't have any risk of that problem. 

Side Filers and filing cabinets are perfect for creating an organised and practical office space. Papers and brochures can be stored effectively and accessibly, with no risk of being lost or buried among piles of other things. Filers are where the users become just as important as the storage itself: we can provide you with the best filing storage imaginable, but unless everybody adheres to the system in place then they won't go very far!

With office space at a premium, made to measure and fitted storage is becoming ever more popular. You can make the most of every nook and cranny within your office by tailoring the storage to fit, and it's often far more cost effective than people expect. You can cherry pick the types of storage you need in your office too: whether you need pigeon holes, roll out filing, suspension frames, fixed shelves or anything else - we can design you a cupboard to suit. 

This is only a 'whistle stop guide' to the office storage that's on offer. Beyond the standard ranges, dedicated teams of specials designers are also on hand to put together fresh ideas to suit any unique needs that you might have. Ultimately, whilst we're always on hand to advise about what storage is most effective, you're the person that knows your business best, so please let us know about any specific requirements that you have.

Verve Storage Imperial
A Selection of Available Storage

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