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Friday, 2 May 2014

Keeping the Office Running Smoothly...

Monitor Arm Verve
Screen Mounted Monitor Arm
We all know what an office needs to operate; the basics that are required to make it function. Desks, chairs, computers, storage, telephones etc. are all very much an established part of the modern office, but what else can we bring in to make it run more smoothly, effectively and stylishly than it otherwise would?

There are some very basic additions which are essential for running an effective office space and have been going unnoticed and unappreciated for years. We're talking about desk divider screens, and they certainly do a lot more than just stop mess from spilling onto neighbouring desks! Noisy call centre environments in particular are prime candidates for upholstered screens, they operate as fantastic sound barriers and absorb any excess noise.

Pure Office Furniture Verve
Pure Desks with a Range of Accessories

There are plenty of less obvious things that you can also bring into your office to help make things operate as smoothly as possible. One of our most popular products in recent years has been monitor arms. They raise the monitor away from the desk top, either via a screen attachment or a desk clamp, and create a lighter and more open desk space beneath. The development of monitor arms has come on leaps and bounds in recent years as flat screen monitors have become more widely used in offices. With office space at such a premium, desks are getting smaller as more workers have to be fitted into the available space, and any methods of optimising desk space become worth their weight in gold (fortunately monitor arms are very light, so this doesn't price them off the market!).

Ambus Boardroom Table Cable Managed Verve
Ambus Boardroom Table, with Lift Out Cable Access Tiles
Effective cable management is also essential for keeping both a tidy and an operational office space. It's very difficult to keep your desk ship-shape and operational if there are cables everywhere, so finding a place to hide them away is very important. This can be done through the cable ports, a sliding top, cable trays, cable managed legs, or a combination of a few of these. Sliding tops are particularly useful for allowing regular access to plugs, and are especially popular for hot desks or IT workers. Additional power modules can also be put in cable trays, under sliding tops or beneath cable access tiles to allow a range of power/data sources to be fed throughout the office neatly and easily.

The range of accessories that are available in the modern office to make sure that it runs smoothly is fascinating. The requirements of offices have developed at such a rapid rate in recent years that accessories have had to keep up, and in some cases even outstrip the technological advances.

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