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Monday, 31 March 2014

Furniture Showrooms

Verve Furniture Showroom SvenWith all the wonders that the internet brings, it's easy to forget that it can have some drawbacks too! Buying your office furniture on the internet can save a lot of time and hassle, but it does mean that it's not always easy to see/try things before you buy them. Whilst we find that a lot of people quite like this approach, it can cause a bit of a stumbling block for others who want to get a proper feel for the furniture before buying.

We have a selection of showrooms that give you the opportunity to get 'hands on' with your options, to get a feel for the style and quality of the available ranges. Whilst we'll always give you honest and genuine feedback about the quality of the options that we have available (because it does fluctuate between various ranges), and the guarantees are also a useful indication, it always helps to see them for yourself to make your own judgement.

In our experience, the most
Verve Furniture Showroom Pledgeimportant furniture to sample before you buy is a chair. Whilst we can always advise you about what we think are the best options (and be right more often than not!), seating is a very personal thing for each user. In our sales office in Northampton we all have different operator chairs - and none of us agree about which is most comfortable! Generally, it's quite a safe bet to go for a chair with a range of adjustable options which will give you the flexibility to mould the chair to your needs - although if you do get the opportunity to have a sit on a few options then we would always recommend taking advantage of that.

We have a selection of manufacturer showrooms available across the country, or for a more broad experience you can visit our head office in Duston Village, Northampton. We have a selection of our most popular ranges of desks, seating, screens, modular tables, storage and receptions, which can give you a more broad overview of some of your options. All you have to do is g nive us a call to let us know when you're dropping in, and we can make sure that someone's available to help you, and that our desks are tidy too!

Whilst we appreciate that it's not always possible, we do recommend having a look around some sort of showroom if you get the chance. This way you'll have a better understanding of your options beyond the product pictures, and you'll be able to make the best judgement for your office.

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