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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Gaining Colour Continuity in Industry

Colour Continuity

The Colour Conflict for Offices

When you go in to a shop, I bet you never consider the continuity of a product.  In our line of business, it is a particularly important aspect to consider- especially in terms of colour and finishes.

It is often the case that a customer will request some furniture for their office in a certain finish, and will then request some more furniture components for the same office as it evolves and changes over time.  Obviously, these new components must be manufactured using the same finish, so that the items in the office match, giving the office a professional and clean look.

With most non-furniture specialists- i.e. stationary companies- and high street furniture superstores, it is often the case that they sell products with increasingly short shelf lives.  This means that if you need go back to the shop to buy more of the same furniture in around a year, the furniture that you previously bought has been discontinued, in favour of a newer product that will look similar but is slightly different in colour and style.  This makes it very difficult to match the furniture that you have already bought, and can often prove frustrating for you as a customer.

Our ranges of office furniture are particularly reliable in this situation, which is particularly useful for our customers who want to add to their offices or receptions as they evolve over time. 

We had a customer recently, who had previously bought a desk in one of our furniture ranges at least five years beforehand.  They needed a cupboard from the same range, which would match the desk.  We sent out a wood sample for them to compare, and the finish was an exact match.  The customer was overjoyed with the cupboard, which was a perfect match for their existing furniture.

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