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Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Fantastic New Invention for Offices, Schools, Universities and Homes

Let your Ideas Flourish with Ideapaint


Last week, we attended the 100% Design trade show at Earl's Court, and although we were disappointed with the lack of furniture ideas, we were really impressed with lots of the new design ideas that we saw!  One of our favourite new inventions is called Ideapaint- one layer of 'ideapaint' turns virtually any smooth surface in to a high-performance dry-erase surface, meaning that you could turn anything from conference tables to walls in to whiteboards!

It is amazing how useful dry-erase surfaces can be, whether it be for displaying special menus in restaurants, giving your colleagues visual aids to help during a conference, or planning in a team meeting.  Whiteboards are helpful, but they limit your space and ideas- Ideapaint can be used on virtually any smooth surface, meaning that you could turn unused space, such as cupboard doors or walls in to dry-erase surfaces! 


The application process to create the dry-erase surface is very simple.  All you need to do, is clean the surface thoroughly, apply some primer to the surface, and once that is dry, you need to stir the Ideapaint components in together, and apply one coat of the Ideapaint to the surface.  The paint needs 7 days to dry, before you can start to write on it. 

If you eventually decide that you don't want to use the dry-erase surface anymore, all you have to do is paint or wallpaper over the top- this is far more environmentally friendly than the thousands of whiteboards which eventually find themselves on landfill sites!  You could even use the paint to resurface existing whiteboards if you wanted to.  Ideapaint is created using fewer procedural processes, and is shipped in small boxes, using as little packaging material as possible, in an effort to cause as little environmental impact as possible. 

Why not let your ideas flourish with this fantastic new invention?  Call us on: 08450 69 79 89 for more information.

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