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Monday, 20 September 2010

Design in Today's Society

Keeping Quality at the Heart of Design

The term, 'quality' is used to define a level of excellence, or a property or attribute which differentiates a thing or person.  We, at Verve, believe strongly in safeguarding quality as one of the most important elements at the heart of a product's design.  We much prefer to supply our clients with high quality products, which are designed to last them a very long time, rather than cheap products which will last a fraction of the time.   

Sadly, we live in a society, which is driven by commercial fads and disposable products.  Our society has an increasingly 'temporary' mindset with regard to products- we tend to choose products which are cheaper, intending to save our pennies, without even thinking about the life-span of what we are buying.  Over the past few years, large supermarket outlets have expanded, so that they now sell a whole range of products, such as office chairs, cameras, furniture etc., making it increasingly easy and tempting for us to choose the cheaper option. 

Our country's current financial climate seems to have helped people to think more carefully about a product, and the benefits of buying a slightly more expensive product of a much higher quality, rather than a cheap product. 

Let's take office chairs as an example; most of our clients find that cheap chairs will last less than a year, and will be very uncomfortable to sit in- often leading to back complaints.  Most cheap chairs are manufactured in other countries such as China, and so their carbon footprints tend to be huge, adding further to environmental pollution; this really needs to be taken in to account alongside the fact that these products tend to only last a fraction of the time. 

The slightly more expensive chairs are designed and manufactured specifically for the user's comfort, as well as to last a considerably long time.  The chairs are manufactured with much higher quality materials, making the chairs more durable and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Most of the chairs that we offer come with a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE, which indicates an excellent standard of manufacture, as well as taking some stress off the shoulders of the consumer.  Many of our products are manufactured within the U.K., significantly improving the environmental impact of our products, with much smaller carbon footprints.

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