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Friday, 23 July 2010

Introducing the Paperweight Desk

Looking to a Cardboard Future
Introducing the 100% Recyclable, 100% Sustainable PAPERWEIGHT DESK.

In today's society, cardboard is so common in daily life, that we tend to overlook its potential as a highly versatile material. In fact, if we really think about it, cardboard has made a revolutionary contribution to the worldwide packaging and shipping industries. But beyond that, what can cardboard be used for?

Well, an astonishing new range of furniture products has been developed, made entirely of cardboard. These products have been designed to be highly functional both for use in the home and in the office. They are composed of 74% recycled paper and 26% virgin fibres, which come from fast-growing sustainable sources, making these products extremely environmentally friendly and cost effective in today’s commercial society.  All of these cardboard products are fully certified, and meet UK and European legislation, making them fit for purpose for demanding contract and commercial use, as well as in the home and small office.

Our favourite product from the range, is the Paperweight Desk. Like other products in the range, the Paperweight Desk has a simple, clean and highly functional design, combined with clever engineering which makes it extremely lightweight, immensely strong, and excellent value for money.

1500 mm (w) x 750 mm (d) x 720 mm (h)

The Paperweight Desk is made of special single walled clay coated corrugated board, with a solid board, water varnished top which is capable of repelling all spills.  Its design integrates a deep cable management tray and an under-desk 'secret' shelf.  There are cable outlet slots and twin access points with covers, which can be found on the top of the desk, and the legs of the desk can be positioned inset or outset as required.  The desk is available in bespoke colours or designs on demand.  It is supplied half assembled, with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet for quick assembly in under five minutes.
Hidden Cable Management

For more information about this exciting new range of furniture, please visit our website.

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