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Friday, 30 July 2010

Form vs. Function

Kist It Better...

How to Bridge the Gap between Form and Function

The ultimate dilemma for designers within today’s consumer society is whether to favour form or function when designing a product. Is it the style and aesthetic appeal that is important, or is it the overall functional qualities of the product? After all, it is the design that makes or breaks a product’s popularity.

What most people tend to overlook is the fact that a simple design can often become the most effective product, both aesthetically and functionally through its balance of form and functionality.

The new Kist seating range is a fantastic example of how simplicity of form can be combined with the functionality of an ergonomic design, in order to produce an effective sculptural piece of furniture, and a modern solution for informal areas. It manages to combine soft comfort with extreme ergonomic support in a clever design, which is lightweight, yet generously proportioned.

The Kist chair has the flexibility for meeting, greeting or breakout areas. The flowing lines and superb quality of the upholstery detailing maintains a high degree of design integrity. There is the option of a chrome solid wire frame, or an elegant swivel base, which provides the versatility required within the modern office environment.

For more information about this innovative new seating range, why not visit our website?

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