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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Calling All Offices!

Sit Back, Relax and Breathe Easy...

Let your Back Breathe a Sigh of Relief with this New Range of Seating!
We all know how uncomfortable office chairs can become after sitting in the office for hours, especially if they do not offer the back support and comfort that you need. Well, this fabulous new Breathe range of comfortable seating will have office workers all over the country celebrating!

The Breathe range offers generous upholstery, combined with the most advanced engineering, in order to provide the ultimate answer to comfort in operator seating, at a realistic price. The deluxe ‘active’ mesh back provides luxurious, yet responsive ergonomic support, which adapts to the user’s back, offering individualised comfort to the user. After all, everyone is different. Simple finger-tip adjustment ensures that the perfect posture can be achieved from the seated position, and it can be tailored to the individual’s needs.

This fantastic new range incorporates a smooth, robust, point synchronised seat and back movement, which may be set in a free-float mode to allow the highest degree of pro-active support. Of course, seat depth adjustment is standard on all chairs, as is a ‘positive’ forward tilting seat, which accommodates superior ergonomic posture control, while height adjustable arms complete this robust, yet amazingly versatile range of seating solutions.

Clearly, the Breathe collection holds the comfort of its user at the heart of its design. For more information about this wonderful new range, please visit our
website or phone us on: 08450 69 79 89.

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