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Monday, 6 October 2014

Eradicating Office Irritants

If you have a think about the most common complaints that you hear around your office, what are they centered around? Ignoring some of the more trivial issues that somebody might have with the 'pen tapper' sat opposite them, or the 'loud chewer' to their left, problems always seem to arise from very avoidable issues with office equipment and layouts. Whether you just NEVER have enough space for all that paperwork you need to process, you KEEP kicking that CPU underneath your desk or if your chair simply does NOTHING for that bad back of yours... we know there'll nearly always be a simple and cost effective solution available.

Sometimes all you have to do is take a step back and think outside the box. One of the most invaluable inputs can often be an outsider's perspective, and this should be taken advantage of whenever it's on offer. Every office, every building and every problem is unique, and it can be quite easy to be blinkered to what is actually a very simple solution for your office.

A4 Blue Spot Verve
Use storage, lighting or monitor arms to make your desks highly ergonomic

Verve Imperial Sirius
Large desks and ample storage help to reduce clutter

We often hear people say that these problems are too trivial or minor to need sorting as a matter of urgency, but we've seen how these issues can fester and build into something much more severe. Our clients come to us with problems - both small and large - that are facing their business. They're on the hunt for the simplest solution that will have the greatest positive effect on their company and the way it operates on a day to day level.

Sometimes all it takes is the simplest of solutions to solve a small problem and prevent it from growing into something more significant. Sometimes, however, you might need a more dramatic overhaul to really get to the heart of the problem. This will provide you with the perfect opportunity to develop the overall layout or to introduce a new style into your office space. One major benefit of fully refurnishing your space in one go is that you can create a consistent style that will last - with guarantees of up to ten years available, you know you can rely on our furniture for years to come. You can also create a custom office space, using various desk shapes and sizes to suit your exact requirements we can create a custom office space that overcomes any of your issues and works for you and your business. Our free space planning and design service is incredibly popular - we can fully plan your office space to make sure you see the full picture and can design exactly how your office will work!
Verve Workspace space planning
Our space planning service allows you to create the perfect office

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