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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A helpful office furniture guide to help you with moving offices.

Need Help Moving Offices?
                               You've come to the right place!


Moving offices can often be a very daunting task which carries with it a lot of stress.  There are so many different decisions to make that you often need advice on, but it's very difficult to know where to turn.  If you are changing your office's design, we really suggest that you speak to a company who specialise in office furniture solutions, because they will have a high degree of experience with helping clients to move offices, and they should be able to give you the most comprehensive advice, as well as helping you to design an office that meets your company's own specification perfectly.

As furniture specialists, we work hard to accommodate the specific needs of a company whilst also optimising all of the space used.  We like to provide the staff with a comfortable work environment where they may work conscientiously, thus raising their staff morale and productivity.  At Verve, we take great pleasure from helping companies to add some innovation and freshness to a new premises- here is a little bit more information about how we work as a company:-

  • STAGE ONE-  If we get a call from a company who are planning to move offices and want some help with office furniture, we usually arrange to meet with the client, in order to get an idea of what the office is used for, and what is needed from the new office.  If possible, it is helpful for us to have a look at the new premises so that we can take measurements, but we can also work from an existing plan of the building.  If you don't have a plan, we will request a plan of a rough sketch of the layout of the building, which we can work just as easily from.  
  • We will ask you some questions, in order to get a firm idea of what you have in mind for your office and how we can cater for your office needs.  You may be worrying that you don't have any specific plans for your offices, but don't panic- with our help, you will soon realise that you have a more specific specification than you realised!
  • STAGE TWO- We then produce a range of design ideas, which we would send you along with wood samples or other items which will help to give you a clearer idea of our designs.  We send you these as soon as possible; we tend to send our ideas via email as a PDF file- this way you can send it to colleagues and discuss it more easily, though we can also produce hard copies.   We will also produce CAD images of our design ideas, so that you can get a good idea of what the office would look like, and where we suggest everything would go.  We provide quotations for the options, to help you get an idea of prices too.
PLEASE NOTE- there is no charge or commitment for our services here, we are just doing what we can to help you.

  • STAGE THREE- After you have looked over our ideas, we discuss with you any changes that you would like to make to our suggested ideas.  We carefully discuss what you like and dislike- after all, we want to create something that you will be 100% happy with.  We work hard to give our customers the best prices.
  • STAGE FOUR-  When you are 100% happy with the proposal, and are happy and confident to place the order with us, we arrange time scales and finalise the order.  We don't do pushy sales approaches- we really don't believe in it; we prefer to make sure that you are happy with everything.  We manage each of our orders carefully, in order to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, releasing some of the pressure from your shoulders, as a consumer!
  • STAGE FIVE- We receive the furniture in to our warehouse, then our installations team will bring it into your premises.  They will assemble the furniture for you, put it into place according to the plans, and then remove all of the packaging to leave you ready to enjoy your new workspace.  There aren't many companies who will clear up for you after your installation- one of our wonderful installations team was even caught hoovering following an installation!  We can also offer other services, such as existing furniture clearance and redecoration.

  • If your project involves refurbishment or interior works, then we effectively project manage the whole process for you at no extra charge.  We make sure that all of the 'trades' are working as they should, lowering your stress levels somewhat!
  • STAGE SIX- We like to make sure that you are satisfied with your furniture and new offices, so we check that everything has gone smoothly.  If there are any problems that have occurred, we try our best to solve them as quickly as possible for you. 

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