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Friday, 19 June 2009

A new tub chair - we like it!

Tub chairs are used so often nowadays, and every seating manufacturer offers at least one version - it's refreshing to see a new 'slant' on the chair.

Offecct have launched a brilliant chair which includes a table / laptop shelf which can also be used as an arm. All the user does is rotate in their chair to suit their purpose.
You can either sit forward facing and use the side arm as just an arm, or for a cup of coffee beside you. Alternatively you sit with your legs under the 'arm' and you have a sturdy laptop shelf, or worktable.
We can see these being of particular use in recruitment offices - where staff have to fill in forms. Or it could be for soft meeting areas, where a comfortable chair that doubles as a desk is needed in a small area. They could also be used as library furniture as they are a handy space for leaning a book or newspaper whilst sitting relaxing.
We really like this chair. A lot. If you like it too - let us know, and we can supply it for great prices and in a huge choice of colours too!

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