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Friday, 19 June 2009

Expensive reception desks - they don't have to be!

We have taken on a task. To find reception desks that look stunning (after all, that's what most companies want) and supplying them at amazing prices (again it's what everyone wants!). To do this we are constantly searching for new and exciting products from across the whole of Europe and beyond. And we've just found another cracker...

The 'Recept Contemporary' unit is UK made, and we're offering it at the spectacular price of just £2,000 + VAT - including free delivery!

We can do any shape you need - and in a huge choice of colours too. We just really liked this one, as it looks very 'Apple Mac' in terms of it's design. Not that is has anything to do with the 'Apple' brand of course - but you get the idea. Here are some of the others we do:

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