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Friday, 14 January 2011

Verve Workspace- going a step further to help you move offices.

Verve Workspace- going further to help you move offices.

Verve Workspace is pleased to announce that it is now an approved and accredited member of HelpMovingOffice. is the internet resource which guides companies through the office relocation process and ensures that office moves happen on time, to budget and with the minimum hassle and disruption to businesses.

“A well-designed workplace will play an integral role in motivating, developing and engaging the workforce resulting in improved efficiency & business performance. Verve has been selected as HelpMovingOffice members because they understand the importance of this. They will consider every detail to produce you a practical and striking workplace which will meet your specific budget & requirements.”
-Jeremy Carr-Smith, Managing Director (
Help Moving Office aids you to find locally sourced and approved companies who will be able to give you expert advice and services on the process of moving offices.All members of Help Moving Office are independently sourced and screened; they are selected specifically because they are experts in their field and have the track record to deliver on the component parts of an office move.  In our case, we have considerable experience in space planning, managing office refurbishments and moves, supplying and installing office furniture, amongst many other things.

If you visit the Help Moving Office website, you will find many different resources which have been designed specifically to help you plan how to move offices- these include a check list, timetable and budget planner, and a golden guide of how to move offices.  If you are considering an office move, or are tearing your hair out trying to co-ordinate an office move, this site is definitely worth a look! 

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