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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The snow....

Oh joy of joys - the snow stops play again!
It's that time of year when we get a few flakes of snow, and the whole of the UK stops. Okay - so the temperatures last night were down to -17 degrees, so fairly cold.
However, if you think it's difficult to get your car off your driveway - you should try getting HGV's, rear wheel drive vans and pallet trucks to work in the snow! Our own vehicles and the factory trucks have been having enormous problems. They are barely even able to leave the yards - with one manufacturer even using blow torches to try and defrost the wheels enough to even turn.
Of course it's not just the vehicles - staff travel issues have meant that production falls behind, scheduled deliveries are missed and have to be rescheduled. This has an enormous impact on everything, and whilst we are working very hard to minimise the impact on our customers - it's going to be hard. Whenever there is a flurry of snow, we brace ourselves for a few complaints. We do wish we could control the weather - and it's affects on our suppliers and distribution chain - but we can't. We can and do work very hard to run things as smoothly as possible - but in many ways our hands are tied.
We would ask our customers to be patient and bear with us - nobody wants unnecessary delays, as it's no good for anyone. Let's just hope the sun comes back soon.....

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